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Name: Adryan Speed

Age: 28 (Appearance) 48 (Chronological)

Birthday: September 14th

Gender: Male

Species: Human (Demon Possessed)

Category: Citizen

Career: Magical/Mythical Artifact Thief for hire.

Photo credit: Blended art with actor Dominic Cooper and Chris Evans using ArtBreeder

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Hazel Green Eyes
Mark of Nuxxau on right eye
Brown Hair
Chiseled Jawline
Short Boxed Beard
200 lbs
Dresses well most occasions

Sly and quick witted. Silver tongued. Knows how to talk his way out of about any situation with a smile. Only cares about himself, making money, and the thrill of the heist.

Can turn completely invisible. While invisible, all sound he would cause from his body is silent (footsteps, breathing, etc). Thermal visual indicators are also invisible. Physical effects still happen due to his body (footprints, haze moving around his body) Can't be used in conjunction with his Phasing or total unlock.

Adryan and everything he is carrying or wearing are able to move through solid inanimate objects up to 3 feet thick. If an object is more than 3 feet thick he can phase into the object and stay inside it, but not pass all the way through. Can't be used in conjunction with his Invisibility or total unlock.

Upon placing a hand on any object or item, they are unlocked after 30 seconds even if magically locked and sealed. Can't be used in conjunction with his Invisibility or phasing.

Whenever Adryan states this line, the scenario/explanation he comes up with comes up as the truth (as long as it's physically possible). Even magical or otherwise detection picks it up as truth.

A set of black gloves with silver insignia on the palms. They are meant to protect the wearer from the energies of the item being held. If the wearer is weak to holy items, the items will not affect them through the gloves. Same is true for someone weak to unholy items.

A small bag that Adryan keeps on his hip. Speaking the word "dispendo" the opening can expand to any size. Inside the bag is a dimension kept all to itself. Only those with Demon affluence can reach in and pull something out of it

a decorative vase that emits a 30ft diameter aura that keeps everything inside magically hidden from sight, sound and smell.

Adryan is able to blend into his surroundings even if in plain sight by picking up on minor details of local culture, as well as speaking languages around him, all given to him by the demon possessing him. He has to be within 10ft of someone speaking a language to get complete comprehension of it, and visual sight of any cultural specifics.

Holy items burn his skin severely causing immense pain.

Adryan was a normal human before being possessed. Well, as normal as a major underground thief can be. Stealing world famous artifacts for crime lords, and even just the highest bidder. It didn't matter what it was, where it was, who had it, or who it was going to. If there was enough money involved, Adryan could get it.

Having to steal since he was little just to survive, Adryan had honed his skills into an art. He could walk into any party with no invitation, and be welcomed with open arms. It was a trick he picked up after his parents abandoned him so he would always have a place to eat and sleep.

He started doing jobs for mob bosses, and that was where the real money started. Ever increasingly difficult jobs, meant ever more money. But also added more risk. That risk caught up to him one day.

What seemed to be a routine job, brought Adryan to an abandoned hut in the American North East. He was there to find a music box. Adryan thought nothing of it. A simple lost and found artifact that he was making 3x his normal fee on should have keyed him in that not all was what it seemed.

Once he found the box, curiosity got the better of him. Adryan picked the small lock on the front and cracked it open. A ominous black smoke spewed out and engulfed him. After coughing up a lung, nothing seemed any worse for ware.

Taking the artifact back, Adryan got his fee and went into hiding for a bit after a voice started to develop in his head.

He had been possessed. Specifically by a chaos demon named Nuxxau (Nux for short) that had a bit of a trickster side to it. The demon poked around in Adryan's mind learning all about him and taking a liking to what he did. The demon decided to help Adryan by making him immortal to age, and giving him a particular set of abilities. Nux also convinced Adryan to acquire a particular set of gloves and a bag to aid in his adventures.

With his new found abilities, Adryan started to take on even riskier jobs, now 'acquiring' artifacts that had magical or mythological properties to them, not caring what they were or what they would be used for, only that he made a pretty penny while doing it. He eventually was lead to Manta Carlos island due to its concentration of artifacts. For the most part he has laid low on the island, only working on the most discreet of jobs for some of the highest profile individuals that couldn't afford to have their name attracted to deeds of this nature.

Nux once again lead Adryan to a most useful item. It was a vase that emitted an aura, keeping everything within the aura magically hidden from sight, sound and smell. The aura has a diameter of 30ft, completely encompassing his small 500 square foot cabin.

Adryan's hidout: located in the woods it is hidden by a magical vase stored within the small house. He has been well off for the last decade or so as he recent heists have pulled in larger hauls that he keeps in various currencies and precious metals/gemstones.

Additional Information: His name would be known to crime lords and mafia bosses as well as what he does. Adryan can be seen talking out loud to Nux, even though it is not needed to verbally speak for the demon to hear him.​
First release
Last update
Demon Possessed Human
28 (appearance) 48 (chronological)
Sept 14th
Magical/Mythical Artifact Thief for hire
Image Credits
Blended art with actor Dominic Cooper and Chris Evans using ArtBreeder

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