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Primary Ília Seirín, "Serena"

Appearance Description:

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  • Height: 1.87 m (6'1")
  • Phoenix Height: 3 m (9'10") (Standing upright)
  • Phoenix Length: 8 m (26'2")
  • Weight: 60 kg (132 lbs)
  • Phoenix Weight: 200 kg (441 lbs)
  • Wing Span: 4 m (13'1")
  • Phoenix Wing Span: 7 m (22'9")
  • Physical Build: Slim
  • Eyes: Pale Blue
  • Hair: Blond, nearly golden
  • Skin: Light, almost pale
  • Feathers: Sunlight Yellow
  • Clothing Preference
    • Never anything dark
    • White, most of the time
    • Light colors in general
    • Red or yellow
    • Dresses in general
    • (In Solar Phoenix form) Neck decoration (Necklace, pendant, scarf, muffler, etc.)

Personality Description: Ília is someone of a pure and kind mind and heart, having nothing that angers her, and little that displeases her (such as when someone refuses to change their ways and let hatred or any negative emotion consume them), being friendly even to people she should not and usually fearing nothing. But to say she has no fears is a lie: She fears never dying. Pain is another thing she doesn't like at all, neither on herself nor on others but between letting others get hurt or getting herself hurt in their stead, she would rather take the hit for them without a doubt!

Another aspects of her personality is Ília's lack of attachment: there's nothing she possesses that she would not be willing to relinquish, no matter what, and as such even residence means little to her. When it comes to eating, she has gone as far as eat grass without complaining or scrunching her face, and therefore she has yet to find cooking that makes her decline it right away. Only ambition she has is to live among humans like she used to, although that is a dream Ília may never fulfill.

Active Abilities:
  • Solar Phoenix
    Her unnatural origins allows her to take on the form of a majestic sunlight yellow phoenix. Ília's human form is a gift of her mother, however seems to be bound to her by a spell rather than biologically. If the transformation is halted halfway then she becomes a winged human being instead. While her clothes turns to adapt to her forms, any possession will not. As such, if she were to carry a bag as a Phoenix it would be on her beak or claws. Her feathers constantly glows like the sun. Despite being larger than a hawk, her phoenix form flies as fast as one (386 km/h, 240 mph) while in her winged human form she simply keeps it under a third of that speed.

  • Sunlight Grace
    A healing aura she can spread on physical contact, glowing with sunlight. Ília infuses the others with her own energy, allowing them to regain their strength, heals their wounds, and rids them of anything of harm, like viruses, infection, bacteria, parasites... This warm and bright energy can never harm, no matter what, nor change their true nature (a vampire stays as a vampire, for example), and on a brainwashed undead it allows them to regain their original consciousness for a moment. To put it in perspective, bleeding stops instantly, a cut can mend in a few minutes and whole body parts or organs can regenerate in less than an hour.

  • Heaven Kiss
    Ília gives a kiss on someone to let them relax and clear their mind, it is meant to ultimately help them overcome a shock (usually after they have fallen victim to her Serene Aura), but it can also help one leave the mortal coil without fear if they are bound to die. It acts upon them immediately, and wears off faster or slower depending on how stressed they were. Compare its effect to a relaxing massage or a good night of sleep.
Passive Abilities:
  • Serene Aura
    Ília's very presence is capable of calming even a rampaging oni from just looking at her from meters away, approximately 30 feet / 9 meters, with its potency increasing with visual contact and proximity. It is a mystery even to herself, or to the church, but being around her brings even the most troubled mind and hearts to experience a mysterious calmness. No matter what, people find comfort in her presence, but it is not to an addicting level. Unfortunately, someone with an intense murderous intent can nullify this entirely.

    This ends up sometimes triggering a person wrong for a moment, causing them to mistake her for being superior to them, but they either learn she is just too nice or decide to address her and see how Humble Ília is.

  • Phoenix Blood
    Ília's Phoenix Blood heals her body surprisingly fast and prevents any infection, bacteria, virus, parasite or ailment from even existing in her, even true death is impossible, having halted her aging when she was about 17. While she can still be killed if her heart is cut off from her body or if she is beheaded, all that once composed her body will turn to ash and she will rise from it by the next sunrise, even if said ashes are scattered to the four winds. Curiously that also makes her blood tasty, even for humans, comparable to a fine aged wine.

  • Animal Senses
    Due to her Phoenix side, Ília has impressive sight that allows her to see kilometers ahead with great detail, feel the wind direction and strength, and predict weather changes to a degree. Her hearing and sense of smell are about a human's average, if anything just a bit above that but nothing remarkable.

  • Cosmic Aegis - Self
    A protective aura that automatically activates if she is in immediate danger of getting harmed. The assailant will be unable to hurt her, they will feel as if heavy chains pulled their fist away from her. Someone with a gun would feel their trigger finger stiffen up and be unable to pull it. And if they do harm her somehow there is a huge chance they will be overwhelmed with a desire to confess their crime. However that won't stop someone who possesses an intense murderous intent, as those would be "beyond redemption"

  • Cosmic Aegis - Others
    Someone who is protected by Ília somehow, either by consuming her blood or by receiving Sunlight Grace, will be given a lesser version of this ability for a limited time (if not conferred by Sunlight Grace, usually until night falls or sun rises). This smaller protection causes assailants to hold back once or maybe twice, and prevents natural harming factors (such as silver for werewolves or sunlight for vampires) from affecting them. Likewise, murderous intent can nullify it, but in this case the one protected by her will lose said protection if they display such intention.

  • Merciful Reaper
    Sometimes a person may see raven black wings behind her (or her wings turning as dark) and reflect their own death in it. Should they see it, it is certain that things will happen in few days as they witness unless something is done to prevent. The vision of death is from the perspective of the one witnessing it, and if death is averted then they may see her wings as normal once more.
  • Winter
    Through the Winter Ília feels most lethargic and roosts for extended periods, requiring sunlight to maintain disposition.

  • Darkness
    She has poor visibility at night, using Sunlight Grace to illuminate her way (and becoming highly visible in the process) or turning into Phoenix.

  • Intense Murderous Intent
    Ília has yet to find someone who has a murderous intent to negate her Cosmic Aegis and Serene Aura, but should that happen she will likely pass out in sheer shock and horror, staying unconscious for hours. Not that she fears them or anything, it is just that the psychological assault would be too strong.
Common Magical Items:
  • Aura Warning Bracelet: While not actually magical, Manta Carlos distributes customized bracelets for those with auras. Depending on the shape and color, people can tell at a glance the approximate range and nature of the aura of the wearer.

  • 1870, a (good) witch that lived in a lone house close to Athens has started researching what she would come to call "Life Serum", a substance capable of undoing death, by grinding down Phoenix's downs, combining with holy water, mandrake, and other substances.
  • The following year a stranger from the east offered her the blood of what he called "The Eastern Firebird" in exchange for lodging. He did not stay long, and the only evidence that he had ever been there was Selena's Journal. No townsfolk seen him whatsoever.
  • 1872, amidst September, the lone house caught fire for no confirmed reason, The violent blazes lasted three days, three nights, and three hours exactly. Nearby flora and fauna were mysteriously unharmed, and more than half of the house had collapsed. When a scavenger entered to harvest what was left, the journal was the only thing intact, and on a chair rested the corpse of a pregnant woman, charred beyond recognition. But within her... A life was forming. The man simply known as Steil had taken the corpse to a surgeon, who did confirm Selena died over a day ago and that shockingly her womb housed an infant that would be born soon. After a procedure, a child with golden hair and pale blue eyes was born.
  • Steil, who ran a pawn shop in Athens, has taken the child in and given her a name and his surname. From then on Ília Seirín would be the foster child of Steil Seirín. Things were complex at first, he had to hide her from the church and from some townsfolk who believed her to be the child of devil. Needless to say her slow physical growth caused more doubt and a tinge of envy from many.
  • Inevitably, Ília was chased and cornered late at night when returning from the woods with herbs to make medicine for her foster father, and those who cornered her were about to toss rocks at her... But they couldn't open their fingers. Just seeing her there, trembling, shocked, asking "Why me?", has caused all of them to complain at their own weakness, and eventually the rage they felt died down. And one of Ília and Steil's fears did happen: the church found out.
  • The next few days would see Ília and Steil preparing their leave, until a single priest had come and asked to see "The Devil". Unlike any other, he had no hatred nor intent to harm, thus Ília had no reason to hide from him. The moment their eyes met, he knew she could not be "The Devil", nor any sort of an evil being, and that she might as well be a saint. That gave them some peace of mind, and people were sermonized to no longer discriminate Ília. While peace could last forever, joy would not... As she was eternally young, and Steil was already middle aged, soon he passed away peacefully in his sleep. But not before revealing her mother's wish to "see the world", and passing that wish unto her.
  • From then on, she traveled places and seen people, all the while carrying an urn with ashes of her mother and foster father mixed, scattering a handful of their ashes in each country, until a dream awakened in her heart: the desire to soar the skies and see lands that are beyond the ocean. That awakened her to her true nature, and a small sun she became, soaring the skies as a Phoenix.
  • Ever since, wherever she has been, Ília has been mistaken for Goddess, Deity, Saint, Buddah, Angel, among others, due to her very calming presence reaching others around her, although she has always claimed otherwise, and to simply be a wanderer. It has always become unclear how none ever saw her come in, nor leave, nor noticed her never aging.
  • Multiple times scouts attempted to find her and bring to Manta Carlos, and were always hours too late to rendezvous with her. It wasn't until 2018 that they managed to truly contact Ília and she had only a small leather pouch containing the ashes, and only one last place to visit. It was then when she revealed that she was already aware of the island's existence and that it had never been her intention to avoid them, just a misfortune and at the same time most fortunate, as the last place she would scatter the ashes on would be her last, and her newfound home.
  • With her journey over, came the realization: she never had an ambition, a role to fulfill. After enough deliberation, she pursued the medical career within Manta Carlos.
Resources: Usually carries little on herself, mostly documents and little money. Her housing is a simple one-room apartment.

Additional Information:
  • "Serena" is a name she went by a few times, but has never hidden her true name. It is basically "Serene" and "Selena" combined.
  • Ília's blood is delicious to anyone, vampire or otherwise. It's often compared to a fine wine, except non-alcoholic. And she is willing to share (and bear through the pain of her blood being drawn), but favors to let them ask first.
  • Does not possess any of the expected instincts of a bird. Her "roosting" through the Winter is an acquired behavior from observation.
  • Ília Seirín is supposed to mean "Sun Siren", like a mythical Siren. Meaningful name given by Steil ("Shelter") Seirín.
  • Commonly takes baths in rivers or lakes, even under waterfalls.
  • Her voice, even though it carries no spell, is described to be as charming as that of a Siren.
  • Ília isn't fluent in too many languages, only Latin, Greek and English.
  • No, she can't talk the language of birds.
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Half Phoenix, Half Zhu Que (Vermilion Peafowl)
147 (Physically 16~18) (Mentally adult)
September 6th, 1872
Nurse and (Magical) Healer at the Hospital
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