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    If you are reading this, then you are a very special person. Unique, gifted, different; it does not matter how you wish to phrase it. As a result, I would like to congratulate you on your invitation to Starlight Academy. We are looking forward to meeting you.

    Starlight Academy is a laid back roleplaying community with a goal in mind: to have fun while roleplaying. We post at our own pace, we plot to our hearts desire, and you decide how your roleplaying experience will be.
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ICC Rules

ICC Rules

  • You can find a detailed guide to sub-accounts, statuses, and other technical functions here.

  • Only accepted characters can be played in the ICC, and these characters may only be played by the character's creator. Pending, work in progress or archived characters cannot be used in any ICC.

  • Godmodding, powerplaying, and metagaming are strictly forbidden in the ICC. This includes the use of powers on another player's character without permission, even if the power is benevolent. When interacting with other characters, be sure to leave room for other characters to react, and ask permission before acting.

  • Roleplaying in the ICC should be done in third person, present tense, script-style format.

  • Script style messages are supposed to be short. If you find yourself repeatedly getting into thought processes, or typing out whole paragraphs, you should strongly consider heading to the forums to start a thread instead.

  • Actions done by a character should be preceded by a /me.

  • Players should not type out foreign languages or accents, but instead continue to post in English. If speech is intended to be heavily accented or in an alternate language, this should be noted with action tags. For example: [Norse] Why would you say that?, or by noting in the characters mini-profile that they have an accent.

  • Please use ((double parenthesis)) or an OOC: tag to distinguish out of character remarks.

  • Sub account names should either be in the format of First Last, or First (Player) if a character only has one name.

  • Sub accounts must have an ICC mini-profile linked on their site profile as a profile post. This direct link can be found by navigating to your characters mini-profile, clicking the #3 in the top right of the post, and copying the URL that pops up.

  • Content should be kept at a PG-13 level. Situations including, but not limited to, excessive violence, explicit sexual situations, self-harm, and intense emotional content should be taken to a thread. While we respect that these are powerful subjects for character development, the ICC is not the appropriate place.

  • While cursing is allowed, please do not be excessive with it. Please do not use slurs. If needed in character, simply write around these things, such as /me calls name a nasty name under their breath.

  • Players can play two characters at one time. Please do not have two characters in two separate private rooms.

  • Supporting Characters are allowed to be played in the ICC.

  • If your character is in another form, or their appearance does not match their avatar or is otherwise unusual, use the status feature to indicate it.

  • Both public and private rooms are canon, and considered as canon as a thread.

  • Public Rooms

    • Each public room has their own description. Please remember to read it over carefully before joining. While all public rooms are open to all players, not all rooms may be accessible to all characters.

    • Characters should remain in-character whenever played in the canon ICC. However, please don't harass or bully another character excessively. Remember there is another person behind the character, and that your character is always free to leave.

    • Remember to be inclusive and inviting to players coming in and out of the ICC. Even if your character would not directly greet them, acknowledging the presence of new characters is important.

    • If you find yourself having a largely private conversation with someone and not engaging with any other characters, it should probably be happening in a private room or in a thread on the site.

    • Please do not go into public rooms intending to cause a disturbance. Public rooms are in locations that would be monitored, and the majority would have security. Those breaking the law would inevitably have the police called on them. Any player whose character has the police called on them twice in a two week period is banned from the community center for a two week period. This also extends to health issues, or other official intervention.

    • Content that requires a content warning should not appear in public rooms.

    • It is important to acknowledge other characters, even if your character would not necessarily approach them. You (the player) should not be ignoring other people in the ICC, although your character might make a conscious choice to ignore other characters IC. Having your character spot them entering but looking away is one way of clearly signalling they've been seen, even if your character is deep in conversation.

    • Please be considerate when you have to go, so as not to leave your fellow RPers hanging. As much as possible, please try and have your character leave or be otherwise unavailable so that the people you are RPing with will be aware of your availability, rather than dropping out mid-conversation. If you absolutely must go suddenly, let your partners know OOC!

    • If you fade out for an extended period of time without sending a message, it's assumed that your character has silently left or otherwise faded out. You do not have to return to the ICC just to have your character leave.

    • In the event something happens in the ICC that you'd like to retract (say, you accidentally greeted a character by name before realizing your character wouldn't know their name), simply let people know OOC when it happens. For larger things you want (or need) to retcon, all players who were in the ICC need to be involved in the discussion of whether or not to retcon, not just the ones who you were directly involved with.

    • Private Rooms

      • It's encouraged to post in #private-room-claim if you want to request the use of one of the private chat channels. Priority for using them will always go to those who requested the use of them. At all other times the channels are first come, first served.

      • Private rooms are intended for quick conversations or other interactions that might not warrant a full thread. The location of the room should be set at the very beginning of the session using OOC notes.

      • Players who have not been invited should not intrude on other player's private sessions. You are welcome to watch, but should treat the room as you would a private thread, even if the events are happening in public.

      • What happens in a private room is visible to all players. Mature content is strictly forbidden from all rooms, including private ones. We also discourage content that would warrant a content warning from being in private rooms, but it is allowed if the content is clearly warned for.

      • Please do not hog the private rooms. You can only be in one private room at a time, but private sessions should be resolved in a timely manner. They are not intended to be like threads, where you take hours to reply.

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