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plots, plotters, and want ads: what's the difference?

Here on SA, we have three different ways of plotting with others, above and beyond simply joining open threads.

The Short Version

Want Ads are for specific, limited time roles that you want other players to fill for you.

Plots are for discussion of events/groups/ongoing plots.

Plot with Me threads are for advertising yourself as a player who is looking for plots for your characters.

The Long Version

Want Ads: These are what you use when you're looking for something very specific. If you want a roommate for your character, you want a want ad. When you need a character to fill a certain position (mentor, love interest, etc), you want a want ad. Want ads should be for a limited number of people (generally one or two), and should be fairly specific about what you want. Something more general like 'x character needs friends' should go in your plotter.

Some people do want ads on a first come first serve basis, which is assumed to be the standard. Others prefer to run want ads on a tryout basis, and field several options before deciding. If you are planning to run your want ad on a tryout basis, please make this explicit in the ad itself.

Want ads expire after a month with no activity. If you're still looking, simply bump them every month to save them from the archive. If one gets archived that you want to keep, just let the staff know and we'll dig it up for you. If a want ad is fulfilled, please tag it with the fulfilled prefix. You can have an unlimited number of want ads, but please try and keep it reasonable.

Plotters: Plotters, also known as plot pages, go in the 'plot with me' subforum. These are pages not for a specific character or idea, but instead for you as a player. They should list out your characters (or at least the ones you're interested in getting plots for), and give people a jumping off point for what kind of things you're looking for. In general, these will be more open ended (Y is very outgoing and friendly and needs lots of friends), but feel free to link to more specific want ads if needed.

Plotters do not expire. Every player can have only one plotters thread, but you can have as many posts as you want in it. If you want to replace your plotters entirely, just let the staff know so we can archive the old one. Old plot pages are archived when all of a player's characters are archived.

Plots: Plots are the most general of all options, and go in the subforum. Plots holds everything that isn't either a plotters or a want ad. General things like families, clubs, calls for employment, etc should be placed in the plot forum.

Threads in the plot forum expire after three months with no activity. Players can have as many threads as they want in the plot forum, but once again, please keep it reasonable. Threads here must use one of two prefixes, either Open (accepting new characters), or Closed (not accepting new characters, but still being discussed).

ALT: What's a plot page? What's a plotter? What's a want ad?
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Apr 8, 2017
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