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    If you are reading this, then you are a very special person. Unique, gifted, different; it does not matter how you wish to phrase it. As a result, I would like to congratulate you on your invitation to Starlight Academy. We are looking forward to meeting you.

    Starlight Academy is a laid back roleplaying community with a goal in mind: to have fun while roleplaying. We post at our own pace, we plot to our hearts desire, and you decide how your roleplaying experience will be.
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Interested in learning about Starlight Academy? Our SA Starter Guide includes an overview of the site, and has helpful links to everything you might want to know!

Frequently Asked Questions

what are conversation folders? how do they work?

Conversation folders are used to organize your conversations however you see fit. Once a folder is created, you can add conversations to it when you create them.

ALT: What is the purpose of conversation folders?

plots and want ads: what's the difference?

Here on SA, we have several different ways of plotting with others, above and beyond simply joining open threads.

The Short Version

Want Ads are for specific, limited time roles that you want other players to fill for you.

Plots are for discussion of events or other ongoing plots.

Groups are plot pages specifically for organizations, clubs, groups, or families.

The Long Version

Want Ads: These are what you use when you're looking for something very specific. If you want a roommate for your character, you want a want ad. When you need a character to fill a certain position (mentor, love interest, etc), you want a want ad. Want ads should be for a limited number of people (generally one or two), and should be fairly specific about what you want.

Some people do want ads on a first come first serve basis, which is assumed to be the standard. Others prefer to run want ads on a tryout basis, and field several options before deciding. If you are planning to run your want ad on a tryout basis, please make this explicit in the ad itself.

Want ads expire after a month with no activity. If you're still looking, simply bump them every month to save them from the archive. If one gets archived that you want to keep, just let the staff know and we'll dig it up for you. If a want ad is fulfilled, please tag it with the fulfilled prefix. You can have an unlimited number of want ads, but please try and keep it reasonable.

Groups: Groups is a subforum where any club, family, or other group can have a dedicated plotting thread. Group threads should include who can join (students, citizens, anyone) in the first pose, as well as any restrictions on membership. Threads must use one of two prefixes, either Open (accepting new characters), or Closed (not accepting new characters, but still being discussed).

Plots: Plots are the most general of all options, and go in the subforum. Plots holds everything that isn't either a group or a want ad. General things like calls for employment, etc should be placed in the plot forum.

Threads in the plot forum expire after three months with no activity. Players can have as many threads as they want in the plot forum, but once again, please keep it reasonable. Threads here must use one of two prefixes, either Open (accepting new characters), or Closed (not accepting new characters, but still being discussed).

ALT: What's a plot page? What's a want ad?

My old messages are all split up! How can I fix this?

Unfortunately, all conversations created before April 9th, 2017 were split up during a server fix. There's no way to fix this, and no way to merge existing conversations. All conversations moving forward will exist as normal.

is there a word limit?

Nope! There's no word count. The majority of members' posts go somewhere between 100 - 300 words, but some go over and some go under. There is no minimum or maximum.

ALT: What's the word count?

is there a list of all classes?

No. The majority of classes happen 'off screen'. It's safe to say that all the standard class types get covered, while more specific ones may or may not. There's no master list of what teacher teaches what.

is the site open and accepting of different backgrounds?

Absolutely! The Starlight Academy member base and staff are a diverse group of people, and the site is open to characters and members of all experiences and backgrounds. We have several trans* characters and members, as well as plenty of LGBTQIA characters and members.

ALT: Is this site trans friendly? Is this site open to gay characters and relationships?

Information on Students

The students category encompasses anyone studying at the school, from Preschools to Post-Grad students. As long as someone is taking classes in Starlight, whether it’s just in their free time, learning a trade, or getting a certificate, they’d be categorized as a Student above anything else. The only exception to this would be students of Police Academy. As it stands, Police Academy is not part of Starlight Academy, so they would be on the citizens under Law Enforcement.

Starlight Academy follows the American K-12 Grading System. If you’re unsure what grade to put your character in, check this page on our wiki. They won’t necessarily have to adhere to that, so you’re free to put whatever grade you want for them. We don’t automatically advance character grades in case the player would prefer them to stay static, so please make sure to update your student’s grade every new school year if you want that. The new school year always begins in September!

Starlight Academy has a preschool and a daycare. People with younger characters should consider putting their children as Students rather than citizens. Older characters that haven’t been exposed to civilization don’t necessarily have to put their characters to preschool, though bear in mind they would be required to take remedial classes that would cut into their free time.

If your character does not fit into any specific grade, for example because they have no formal schooling, they might be played in purely remedial classes, where they take lessons from a variety of grades and receive individual schooling. The focus of remedial classes is to catch the student up to where they should be, and it's uncommon for a remedial student to stay in that 'grade' more than a year or two.

If your character does not have a specific grade (or program, or 'remedial') mentioned, please make sure to add this information. College and graduate student should also make sure to have a major listed (or 'undecided'). Listing this information elsewhere in the application is not enough.

Information on Staff

Staff members are characters that help run the school. This isn’t restricted solely to teachers. Gardeners, scouts, security, counselors, janitors, school doctors, and other such positions are part of the school staff. Virtually any position in the school (even Department Heads) except for Headmistress is up for grabs.

A character can be take classes or have a job outside of the school while still being staff. A staff character taking some classes is not considered a student. However, a full time student can get a job at the school, although they'd be classed as a student first and foremost.

For example, a teacher could take classes outside their own area of expertise for academic curiosity, but could not get a degree for doing so. They would be considered staff. Similarly, a student could work as a teacher's assistant, but they'd be considered a student.

Staff in Starlight Academy are closely monitored and expected to be professional. Not to say your staff member can’t do bad things, but if they do, there’ll be repercussions if what they did is ever released to public knowledge.

If there isn’t a specific staff member on the list, always assume there are NPCs taking on their work. Starlight Academy is never short on staff.

Information on Citizens and Businesses

Citizens are characters that aren’t Staff or Students, meaning they’re outside Starlight Academy altogether. Characters may arrive on Manta Carlos having already completed their schooling, although depending on the culture the character is from they may be required to take seminars on normal behavior on the island, it's customs, and control of their abilities. While Manta Carlos has excellent welfare, citizens would not be able to live comfortably on welfare alone, so they are recommended to take on jobs.

Manta Carlos has a huge and diverse community, and almost every job you could imagine is represented. From fantastical jobs like potion-makers, to completely mundane things like fast food workers, everything is on the table. Most public services jobs require mandatory schooling first. Those at the hospital need to be certified MDs and those in law enforcement need to have two years of Police Academy. Players are allowed to have characters in political positions, though Minister is the highest they’re allowed to be.

Making businesses is, in fact, encouraged in Manta Carlos! When making a business, comment on this thread with the appropriate form and post them in the Businesses and Organizations forum. We generally don’t need to accept the businesses, so go ahead and post them in there. If we find a problem with your particular business, we will let you know. As a general rule, public services like law enforcement pages should only be handled by mods, but everything private is fair game. Also, don’t assume that your business is the only or biggest service in Manta Carlos, though you’re free to assume popularity. You do not need to play the character that is the CEO or owner of a given business. As long as you have at least one character involved in the business, that's enough.

"Crime" is a category on the Business and Public Services list for larger, more organized groups. This covers gangs, mercenaries, fences, etc. Most criminals and criminal business are usually located at the Underground or the Strip posing as legal businesses. Overt crime is very much not allowed in Manta Carlos, and if your business would be too obvious to characters, a member of the staff might contact you about IC consequences.

if i have two characters that share a body, do i need two different applications?

If the two characters are never going to be apart and share the same power slots, they can share an app! If they're ever going to be separate, they need to have their own profiles.

I want to restart my characters, what are my options?

If you have a character you'd like to play but aren't satisfied with for whatever reason, you have a few options laid out for how to start over.

Entirely New Character: If you want to 100% go from scratch, it's as easy as archiving the old application and posting a new one as if they were a new character. Your old character continues to exist, but fades into the background the way a character played by someone who's left the site does. When resetting a character, you must change the characters name. At least one part of the name must be different, whether first or last. The new character is treated like an entirely new character.

Partial New Character: Lets say you want to restart a character, but keep some things and lose others. This works similarly to 'Entirely New Character', but involves you reaching out to those whose plots you'd like to keep. When doing this, you must contact the people who interacted with the plots you're trying to keep and get their agreement. This new character must have a new name.

Replacing Old Character: If you want to retcon the old character out of existence and replace it with a new one, you must talk to everyone who roleplayed with the character and have them agree. This isn't just the characters you heavily plotted with--this is everyone. This type is treated as a replacement of the old one, as if they were always the new version of the character.

Changing the Applications, but Maintaining Plots: If you're fine with your current roleplay status, but aren't happy with how your wrote their application, that's fine! You can tweak a characters age, appearance, personality, or biography freely. If you'd rather play a character a few years older, that's fine! You can make these edits without issue, just remember to post in the major application changes thread, and let players know to avoid any confusion.

Changing Abilities: This is where it gets tricky. If you want to modify a character including their abilities (such as changing a human into a vampire, and saying they were always a vampire), you're going to need to either change their abilities through the ability change process, or else start them over as an entirely new character. If you start them over, any relationships or threads they had were wiped, and you'll need to individually speak to players if you want to maintain a relationship.

Notes on New Names: When your character needs a new name, either the first or last name must be new. John Smith could become James Smith or John Rogers. This is intended to prevent confusion, and to avoid people unsure of which version they interacted with.

ALT: Rebooting characters, restarting, starting over.

how many floors are there at the school?

Starlight Academy is a magical academy, and it seems to grow on it's own at times. Some people swear a certain building was two floors before, but as far as others can remember, it's always been three. It's a sprawling campus with a large amount of buildings, comparable to a large college campus.

ALT: How many buildings are there? How big is the school?

How does time work here?

Starlight Academy runs on real, fluid time. If you make a thread on December 3rd, the thread is assumed to be happening on December 3rd unless stated otherwise. Individual posts don't run on real time, but threads/aging/etc do. There are no time skips, and you can choose to RP at any point on the timeline. Want a flashback thread that happened ten years ago? You can do that.

This means you can be in multiple threads for the same character, although it's still not possible for a character to be in more than one place at once unless that is a power they possess.

ALT: What's the time scale? Are there time skips? Do characters age?

how do you make a teacher?

Teachers are applied just the same as students. There's no extra requirements, and your first character can be a teacher if you'd like.

how do you get plots?

There are a couple ways to get a story going with your character. One common way is to check out the Wanted Ad forum. Here, people list out specific plot needs they're trying to fulfill. If your character meets one of them, you can reply and set things up.

Another option is to start an open thread, and then post it in the open topic listing. Ideally, open threads should be as open as possible. This means they should be in a relatively public place, and that their opening post should include some kind of situation or action that would naturally draw other people's characters to interact with your character.

We always encourage people to meet other players in our chats at the bottom of each page. Plotting chat can be a great place to spitball ideas. Finally, if you see a character you think would be great for some sort of thread with your character, you can always pm that character's player with your idea. The worst that can happen is that they'll say 'no,' and the best case scenario is an awesome plot.

ALT: Why won't people post with me? How do I get threads?

how do you get accepted?

The first step is checking out the character rules. Filling out the application for your character and then posting it in the Characters forum is the second step. From there, you simply need to wait, and one of the members of the staff will check it out. If there are no issues, your application will be accepted and you'll be free to start roleplaying. If anything needs clarification, you'll be privately messaged by the member of the staff that is looking at your application. From there, you'll need to adjust your application to clarify any questions they might have, and to make sure it follows all the rules and isn't overpowered. When you've edited, reply to the PM to let the mod know your app is ready, and then this process will repeat until you're ready to go.

ALT: My character is ready, how do I get someone to look at it? How do I post a character?

how do i start a business?

To start a business, simply make a character who owns a business (or, if you want an existing character to start a business, RP it out). Then post an explanation of the business in the Businesses forum and post here to let the mods know. That's all there is too it.

how do i join an existing business?

If you want your character to work at a player own business, your best bet would be to check the Business list if they're hiring, PM the owner of the business's player, or post on their plot page asking it. When you're done, post your job here.

ALT: How do I get a job at someone else's business?

how do i insert a line break in a post or signature?

You can find this and other codes in the help section.

ALT: How do I do a horizontal rule?

How do I drop a thread?

Starlight Academy is extremely laid back when it comes to dropping threads. Threads that are dropped do not have to be announced or posted somewhere--they remain where they are, not going into the archive or anything like that.

On the social side, it's standard (and respectful) to give players a head up before dropping a thread. While no one is required to role play with anyone else, not giving your partner a heads up before abandoning a thread is considered very rude. Depending on how important the thread is to their character, not giving them a heads up could significantly impact their character.

This doesn't have to be a long conversation - for simple threads, just a short message (PM or otherwise) saying that you aren't feeling the thread and would prefer to drop it is just fine.
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