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    If you are reading this, then you are a very special person. Unique, gifted, different; it does not matter how you wish to phrase it. As a result, I would like to congratulate you on your invitation to Starlight Academy. We are looking forward to meeting you.

    Starlight Academy is a laid back roleplaying community with a goal in mind: to have fun while roleplaying. We post at our own pace, we plot to our hearts desire, and you decide how your roleplaying experience will be.
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Interested in learning about Starlight Academy? Our SA Starter Guide includes an overview of the site, and has helpful links to everything you might want to know!

Frequently Asked Questions

what language is everyone speaking?

The common language of the Manta Carlos Islands is English, which is spoken by the majority of the residents, although it is not the first language of the majority. The school's classrooms are enchanted with a mutual intelligibility charm, allowing everyone to speak and be understood clearly. Language classes have the option of using a modified version of the charm, which can be disabled as necessary.

However, this is not the language everyone speaks - many characters do not fully understand English, and speak in their own native tongues. Personal language charms exist, and may be provided by the government or bought with personal funds as needed.

While your character can speak any language you'd like, we are, however, an English language roleplay board, so please keep the roleplay itself in English. You can indicate what language a character is speaking out of character, without actually writing out their speech in another language. If you include non-English dialog, you need to include a translation somewhere in the post.

what kind of character can i play?

We allowed all sorts of races and species here, and allow members the creative liberty of making their characters as unique and diverse as they please. Humans, faeries, werewolves, vampires, monsters, mermaids, aliens, animals, you name it! There is no one 'correct' type of creatures either. Just because someone has a vampire who can't eat garlic doesn't mean your vampire is forced to obey that rule as well. You can also play totally original species, although please try and keep their strengths and weaknesses balanced.

what kind of abilities aren't accepted?

This is a pretty short list. Almost any ability can be accepted if it has enough limits and weaknesses. Pretty much the only thing that's absolutely a no-go is omnipotence (being all powerful). Some very powerful abilities (such as reality manipulation) will need a lot of limits and weaknesses however.

what is the cat beside the discord and some peoples avatars?

That's Starlight Academy's loveable mascot, Polaris! When an account displays this avatar, it means they've yet to set a personal avatar.

what is OOC? what is IC?

OOC stands for 'Out of Character'. This is any forum, thread, etc that is written from the perspective of the writers themselves. Rules are OOC. The community lounge is OOC. You're not writing anything in here from the perspective of your character. While you might be writing about your characters (such as in a profile or plot page), you're not writing from their perspective.

IC stands for 'In Character'. This is the opposite of OOC, and means you're specifically writing from the perspective of your character. RP posts should be entirely IC, although some people might make OOC notes at the end of a post, such as:

(OOC: Do you want to wrap this thread up?)

It's important to remember that IC and OOC should stay separate. Just because a character doesn't like your character doesn't mean that the player doesn't like your character.

what is noncon? what is dubcon? what is the difference?

WARNING: Noncon and dubcon mention, including scenarios detailing different types.


Here at Starlight Academy, we highly encourage all members to tag their noncon and dubcon threads as a courtesy to other members.

NONCON (non consent) is any kind of content that features at least two people in a sexual situation that is nonconsensual for at least one person in the party.

DUBCON (dubious consent) is trickier. Dubcon is something that, by most peoples standards, could be considered nonconsensual. Dubcon can be anything from vaguely dubious and only somewhat questionable to borderline noncon. All dubcon content presents a scenario where at least one person is not capable of giving or does not want to give their absolute 100% consent. Here are some examples of dubcon scenarios:

Example A: A sober person and a drunk person are flirting. Sober person has sex with drunk person, who seems willing but is inebriated, so their ability to consent is questionable even if they're an eager participant.

Example B: John and Mary do not like each other but have some sexual tension. Mary decides she wants to have sex with John, and he pretends he doesn't enjoy it and rejects her advances, but secretly he actually is into it. Though he adamantly does not give his consent out loud, in his mind he is consenting.

Example C: Adam is staying over at Nancy's. Adam and Nancy both are attracted to each other and have sex frequently. Nancy falls asleep, and while she is asleep Adam has sex with her. Though she has given prior consent, she did not give consent in this specific scenario.

Example D: Helen decides to have sex with Jamie. Jamie doesn't say no... but she also doesn't say yes, and her body language indicates she is uncomfortable. Although she did not revoke her consent, she also did not give her consent.

what is manta carlos?

The setting for Starlight Academy is known as the Manta Carlos Islands, which is the home of both Manta Carlos the city, and Starlight Academy (which is the main academic institution).

ALT: What are the islands called?

What is Godmodding? What is Powerplaying? What is Metagaming?

Godmodding, Powergaming, and Metagaming are all behaviors that are not allowed on SA.

Godmodding is making declarations about the situation which you, as a player, should not. For example, declaring your attack hit (the other player gets a say), that your character escaped, etc. This can also encompass your character being 'perfect' or 'the best' at a skill, especially when they don't have a power connected to it.

Powergaming is similar to godmodding, but specifically involves controlling another players character. For example, saying another character blushed when you appeared and reacting to it, when the other player didn't say anything of the sort.

Metagaming is using the knowledge you (the player) possesses to effect your characters actions. For example, knowing a characters name when your character has never learned it. This can also include other variants, which are more subtle. For example, if you know a character is weak to a rare substance, such as blessed iron, having your character just happen to be carrying blessed iron for no clear reason when meeting that character would be considered metagaming.

What is an upgrade voucher?

You can read all about upgrade vouchers, what they are, and what they can do for you here.

What is a supporting character?

On Starlight Academy, only a small portion of the island's population is actually played. Outside of the Player Characters (PCs) are Non-Player Characters (NPCs), who fill in the gaps. If your character has family on the island, they're considered an NPC by default, and can appear as a side character in threads, as long as they're not actively being played.

If you want to do an app for one of these background NPCs, look at the Named NPCs system.

Supporting Characters sit on the cusp between PCs and NPCs. They are characters who are actively played by the person who makes them, but do not have a personal plot or a focus on their own character development. If a character exists only to facilitate the plots of others, then they're a Supporting Character.

If you want your character to have someone important to them (say, a teacher who mentors them), but don't plan to play them... that's fine! You don't need to make them a profile at all. You're capable of simply describing the character and mentioning them to friends without needing to do anything more. You only need to make a Supporting Character profile if you actually plan to roleplay as them.

What events would my character know about?

Playing a native of the island (or even someone who's been there for a few years) can be hard. To help players out, the wiki has a list of recent events for you to check against.

what does the "live update" option do?

Just as it sounds, when the option live update is toggled you will be able to see someone's response to your PM without having to reload the page.

ALT: How does live update work? What is live update?

What does it mean if a player is Inactive?

Starlight Academy does not delete player accounts who have made at least one post. Instead, those who are no longer active on the site are set to inactive status. On the default skin, their names show up white rather than the default green. The members of an inactive character are archived, their claims are removed, and any plot pages, businesses, etc are archived.

Inactive status can be removed by posting in moderator requests and asking to be made active again. Players are encouraged to restore any characters they might want to return to playing at the same time by linking their profiles.

Members are marked inactive after A) one month with no posts (in character or otherwise, hiatus posts count), or B) shortly after they've indicated they're leaving. As long as a player makes at least one post a month (even if it's just an update to their away saying they're still gone), they won't be archived.

Long term members seeking to retire from active roleplaying but remain around the community are encouraged to check out retirement.

ALT: How do I stay active? Do you do activity checks?

what do rangers do?

Rangers are a special type of staff that focus on the discord. They help moderate and maintain the discord and the icc. You can see more details here.

what do i do when i'm finished with a thread?

There's no need to do anything! Finished threads are not archived, and remain where they are. It's suggested you add the 'finished' prefix to finished threads, however.

ALT: Do threads get archived?

what disciplinary measures are taken for misbehaving students?

The wiki has a page on student expectations and the consequences for breaking those rules. You can find it here.

ALT: What would warrant a suspension? Can my character be expelled? What punishments are there for students?

what classes can teachers teach?

Pretty much anything. Starlight Academy is a hugely varied school that has everything from kindergarten to college classes. You can have organic chemistry and a history of magic class side by side without issue.

what are trophies, and how do i get them?

Trophies are automatically gained when you meet the requirements and meet certain milestones. You can find the full list of trophies here.

what are the limits of mature threads?

Please do not roleplay sexual situations with characters under the age of sixteen. Such situations can be implied or referenced (with warnings), but please do not explicitly roleplay it out.

what are the ages for each grade?

Grades are based on the american system. The Student Class Listing includes a list of all grades, who is in them, and the normal age of someone in that grade/level.

ALT: What age should my student be? What grading system does it follow? What school system does the site follow?
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