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    If you are reading this, then you are a very special person. Unique, gifted, different; it does not matter how you wish to phrase it. As a result, I would like to congratulate you on your invitation to Starlight Academy. We are looking forward to meeting you.

    Starlight Academy is a laid back roleplaying community with a goal in mind: to have fun while roleplaying. We post at our own pace, we plot to our hearts desire, and you decide how your roleplaying experience will be.
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Information on Students

The students category encompasses all characters studying at Starlight Academy, from preschool up to post-grad. This also includes part time students and scouts in training. It does not include adults taking cultural classes, students at other schools, or police academy attendees.

Being a student takes priority over other categories. Someone with a job who is a student goes in the student user group.

Starlight Academy follows the American K-12 Grading System. If you’re unsure what grade to put your character in, check this page on our wiki. We allow wiggle room (don't stress about when they were born) when it comes to the grade a character is placed in. We also do not automatically advance characters grades, in case a player would prefer them to stay static. If you want your character to advance, please make sure to update your student's grade each September in the designated thread.

Starlight Academy has a preschool and daycare, and most young children would be students rather than citizens.

Adult characters who have the equivalent of a full education might take cultural classes, but would not be considered students.

Characters who have incomplete, nonexistent, or otherwise spotty educations would be placed in the remedial program, which allows students to catch up to the grade they should be placed in (or letting them graduate with a diploma through the remedial program). Remedial program takes the place of the characters grade, and has specialized classes.

Characters who cannot advance (due to intellectual disability, a lack of aging, or otherwise) would be placed in the special needs program.

College and graduate student should make sure to have a major listed (or 'undecided').
Jan 8, 2018
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