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    If you are reading this, then you are a very special person. Unique, gifted, different; it does not matter how you wish to phrase it. As a result, I would like to congratulate you on your invitation to Starlight Academy. We are looking forward to meeting you.

    Starlight Academy is a laid back roleplaying community with a goal in mind: to have fun while roleplaying. We post at our own pace, we plot to our hearts desire, and you decide how your roleplaying experience will be.
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Interested in learning about Starlight Academy? Our SA Starter Guide includes an overview of the site, and has helpful links to everything you might want to know!

General Site Info

For questions regarding the site overall.

What style of RP is this?

We are a play-by-post roleplay where all roleplay posts are written in third person, past tense. We do not have a word count minimum or maximum, but most posts are between 100 and 300 words.

ALT: What tense do I use? What POV do I use? What's the WC?

What is this board rated?

We use the RPG-Rating of 3/3/3. This board is rated PG-13 outside Mature threads.

Normal forum threads allow discussion of soft drugs such as marijuana and ecstasy, but only passing mentions of hard drugs such as heroin, cocaine, or meth. Strong language is allowed, assuming the language itself is not a slur. If slurs are used, please clearly tag the thread as having slurs used. Sexual content is allowed in passing, but not in graphic or narrative detail. Violence is allowed, but should not become detailed gore. Please do not link to illegal content on the site.

The Discord is held to a more exact PG-13 standard. The discord allows discussion of soft drugs such as marijuana and ecstasy, but only passing mentions of hard drugs such as heroin, cocaine, or meth. Slurs are forbidden, and language is allowed in limited amounts. Sexual content is allowed to be mentioned in passing, but should not be a major topic of discussion or covered in detail. Mentions of violence (such as in a TV show, book, or RP) is allowed, but should not involve gore. These rules also apply to outside links--if you feel something is borderline, please clearly mark it before posting it. Please do not link to illegal content in the discord.

A general reminder about the discord: The discord is for everyone. While it's fine to vent once in a while, the discord is really not the place for extended discussions about health concerns, mental health troubles, crime, etc.

Is this an account-per-player or account-per-character site?

Starlight Academy is account-per-player. Players should register a single account with an OOC name they feel comfortable using. Their discord account will be nicknamed to match their site name on the SA discord server.

How do I use thread prefixes?

Thread prefixes exist to clearly mark what kind of roleplay thread you've made, and are only editable by the creator of the thread. The creator of the thread is responsible for prefixing threads appropriately, but if you are a participant and have noticed they have forgotten a prefix, please remind them. When making (or editing) the first post in a thread, you'll see a section to the left of the topic title that looks like this:


If you click it, a small menu will pop up, showing you all our current prefixes:


What does each prefix mean?

OPEN: This thread is open to anyone who might wish to join. You must either include this prefix or PRIVATE.

PRIVATE: This thread should ONLY be posted in by people who are invited. Often these will take place in private areas, such as someone's house, where no one could just 'walk in' on them. You must either include this prefix or OPEN.

EVENT: This thread is part of one of the many site events or holidays! It could be either the main event thread, or a thread that has split off from it. Generally the description of the thread should indicate what event it's part of, and the thread should be tagged with the relevant event tag. Please be sure to also include whether your EVENT thread is OPEN or PRIVATE.

MATURE: This prefix is unique, because it doesn't directly indicate what type of thread, but instead is used in addition to the other prefixes. This means that the thread goes past the PG-13 limit, and is thus only accessible to those over 18 years of age. You must also indicate whether your thread is OPEN or PRIVATE.

FINISHED: When your thread is over, you must mark it as FINISHED. Feel free to remove the OPEN or PRIVATE tag, since threads should not be joined or roleplayed in once finished.

FULFILLED: When your want ad has been finished, please tag it as 'fulfilled' so the want ad can be archived.

ALT: What do 'OPEN' 'MATURE' 'PRIVATE' and 'EVENT' mean in front of a post? What makes a thread private? How do I make a thread mature?

How do I let someone know I've posted for them?

When posting for someone, the absolute easiest way to let someone know is to mention them in the post. Including @player in your post will send the player a notification that you've posted for them automatically. Please keep in mind that you cannot edit in @notifies. If you forgot to @ someone, your best bet would be to shoot them a quick private message via the conversation feature.

ALT: What is 'thread tagging'? What is 'mentioning'?

Complete Guide to the ICC

The in character chat, henceforth referred to as the ICC, is an entirely optional roleplay feature for members of the site. The purpose of the ICC is to allow for quick, casual, and PG-13 scenes to play out regularly, while leaving weightier or heavier threads for the forum. A good example of this would be a casual get together, where a group of friends are sitting around to watch a movie. A large group thread might take an extremely long time (because of post order), or risk leaving someone behind (because of lack of one). By comparison, a group ICC session with those same people might be able to wrap up in a much shorter period of time, letting players get a better feel for what the average interaction is.

The format of the ICC is intended to be short and brief. It does not have room for long thought processes, only speech and actions.

The ICC is not for Mature content, and Mature content is not allowed in the ICC. The ICC must remain PG-13 at all times.

The ICC can be found here, and uses the site's sub-account system to operate. SA is not account-per-character. Sub accounts are only used for the ICC, and cannot be posted with normally. The only things you should be doing on a sub-account are linking your mini-profile, setting up an avatar, and using the chat system.

To make a sub-account, head to the sub-account page under the settings menu. From there, type in the account name for your character. This should be either your characters first and last name, or your characters first name, followed by your player name in brackets. So either "Angelo Genovese", or "Angelo (Romi)". You do not need to enter an email or password when making a sub-account.

Make sure your email doesn't auto-fill when registering a sub-account. Ideally, you should leave it (and password) blank.

Once you have at least one sub-account, you can change which account you're looking at by clicking 'login as user' in the top left of your screen. For mods, this will often appear as a gear icon.

Sub-accounts have the same general feature set as normal accounts, but really only need to do two things to set themselves up. The first is adding an avatar. The second is linking their mini-profile. The character's mini-profile should be linked as a profile post on their account, so that the first thing that pops up when you open their site profile is a link to their mini-profile. This post must be made by the sub-account itself.

Swapping to an account is effectively the same as logging into an entirely separate account. You will not get notifications from your main account, will get errors if you try and post from your main account, etc. If you run into any errors, please refresh your browser.

To play more than one character a time, you'll need to either use a separate browser, or use incognito mode. It's suggested to set up a separate incognito window for your chatting needs while leaving your main account logged in normally.

Unlinking a sub account does not delete it. If you are archiving a character, please request their sub-account be deleted as well.

To indicate what kind of form your character is in, or any other status notes, you can either choose 'options' on the chat page and choose 'update status', or type /status followed by the status of your choice. For example:

/status Cat Form

Please don't use statuses for jokes.

Any message sent in the ICC is assumed to be speech. You do not need to use quotation marks.

YES: What are you doing?
NO: "What are you doing?"

Similarly, actions are done by typing /me and then the action in present tense.

YES: /me looks around
NO: -looks around-, *looks around*, /me looked around

If you'd like an example, here's a roleplay sample.

The General Chat is used for testing. This is the place to set statuses, to test avatars, and your general OOC needs.

The Manta Carlos Community Center is a communal area intended for public use. This chat is open to anyone, and has its own set of rules, as well as a lengthy description. You can find it here.

Private rooms should be treated similarly to private threads. They cannot be walked in on, and should not be interrupted unless you've been invited by players. If you'd like to play out a scene in a private room, you're free to, as long as no one is using the room. Private rooms have their own specific rules, which can be found at the bottom of the ICC rule page.

Can I join if I've never roleplayed before?

Of course! All roleplayers all allowed to join this site, whether they be beginners, advanced, or somewhere in the middle. We were all beginners once.

Can a character be in multiple threads at once?

Starlight Academy does not have a limit on the number of threads a player or character can be involved in. We operate on fluid time, which means that the exact time a thread is taking place will vary a bit. Just because a thread was posted at 2PM on a Sunday doesn't mean it's taking place at 2PM, or even on a Sunday. If your thread is posted more than a week from when it's taking place, you should mention in the thread when it's happening.

What timezone do events and challenges run in?

The site operates off pacific time.

You can find the current site time by checking here.

What kind of species can I play?

We allowed all sorts of races and species here, and allow members the creative liberty of making their characters as unique and diverse as they please. Humans, faeries, werewolves, vampires, monsters, mermaids, aliens, animals, you name it! There is no one 'correct' type of creatures either. Just because someone has a vampire who can't eat garlic doesn't mean your vampire is forced to obey that rule as well. You can also play totally original species, although please try and keep their strengths and weaknesses balanced.

What kind of abilities aren't allowed?

This is a short list. Almost any ability can be played if it has enough limits. Pretty much the only things that are absolutely a no-go are omnipotence (being all powerful) and fourth wall breaking (knowing they're in an RP). Some very powerful abilities (such as reality manipulation) will need a lot of limits placed on them.

What do I do when I'm finished with a thread?

Finished threads are not archived or locked. When you finish a thread, add the 'finished' prefix (either in addition to, or in place of the open/private prefixes).

ALT: Do threads get archived?

How does time work here?

Starlight Academy runs on real, fluid time. If you make a thread on December 3rd, the thread is assumed to be happening either on December 3rd, or within a few days of it unless stated otherwise. Individual posts don't run on real time, but threads/aging/etc do. There are no time skips, and you can choose to RP at any point on the timeline. Want a flashback thread that happened ten years ago? You can do that as long as you mention it.

This means you can be in multiple threads for the same character, although it's still not possible for a character to be in more than one place at once unless that is a power they possess.

ALT: What's the time scale? Are there time skips? Do characters age?
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