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    If you are reading this, then you are a very special person. Unique, gifted, different; it does not matter how you wish to phrase it. As a result, I would like to congratulate you on your invitation to Starlight Academy. We are looking forward to meeting you.

    Starlight Academy is a laid back roleplaying community with a goal in mind: to have fun while roleplaying. We post at our own pace, we plot to our hearts desire, and you decide how your roleplaying experience will be.
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Interested in learning about Starlight Academy? Our SA Starter Guide includes an overview of the site, and has helpful links to everything you might want to know!

Frequently Asked Questions


what's the school schedule like?

Starlight Academy runs year round, using the following schedule:

September 1st: New school year begins, Term 1
September 25th - October 8th: Start of Term Break
November 19th: First quarter ends
December 11th - January 3rd: Winter Break
February 18th: Second quarter ends, end of first term
March 12th-25th: March Break
May 20th: Third quarter ends
May 21st-31st: Spring Break
August 18th: Fourth quarter ends, end of second term, school year ends
August 19th-31st: Summer Break

ALT: When is summer break? When does the school year start?

what sorts of species are allowed on manta carlos?

We allow all sorts of races and species here, and allow members the creative liberty of making their characters as unique and diverse as they please. Humans, faeries, werewolves, vampires, monsters, mermaids, aliens, animals, you name it! We also allow original species, although we do not allow the playing of canon species from other works of fiction.

what pov should i write in?

Third person, past tense.

what is this board rated?

We use the RPG-Rating of 3/3/3. This board is rated PG-13 outside Mature threads.

Normal forum threads allow discussion of soft drugs such as marijuana and ecstasy, but only passing mentions of hard drugs such as heroin, cocaine, or meth. Strong language is allowed, assuming the language itself is not a slur. If slurs are used, please clearly tag the thread as having slurs used. Sexual content is allowed in passing, but not in graphic or narrative detail. Violence is allowed, but should not become detailed gore. Please do not link to illegal content on the site.

The Discord is held to a more exact PG-13 standard. The discord allows discussion of soft drugs such as marijuana and ecstasy, but only passing mentions of hard drugs such as heroin, cocaine, or meth. Slurs are forbidden, and language is allowed in limited amounts. Please do not attempt to bypass any filters the discord has in place. Sexual content is allowed to be mentioned in passing, but should not be a major topic of discussion or covered in detail. Mentions of violence (such as in a TV show, book, or RP) is allowed, but should not involve gore. These rules also apply to outside links--if you feel something is borderline, please clearly mark it before posting it. Please do not link to illegal content in the discord.

A general reminder about the discord: The discord is for everyone. While it's fine to vent once in a while, the discord is really not the place for extended discussions about health concerns, mental health troubles, crime, etc.

what do people get banned for?

Starlight Academy has an extremely low ban rate, and we ban only when necessary. In the last two years, the only rule anyone has been banned for is lying about being over 18 when they aren't. We take this rule very seriously. If you've registered and have lied about your age, you must contact the admins--the only way it won't result in a permanent ban is if you tell the admins yourself.

ALT: What will get me banned?

What do I do if my character's species changes?

On the Manta Carlos Islands, it's actually quite common for someone to transform into another species, voluntarily or not. This can be from a vampire bite, werewolf, zombie, curse, corruption, or any other transformation. Changing species is treated like a normal ability upgrade, and you can read about the full process here.

what category does my character go into?

There are four categories for characters on SA:

Supporting Characters are characters primarily intended to support the development and growth of other characters. They do not have personal plots of their own, and their character development is not a focus. You can read more about supporting characters here. Supporting Characters always go in the Supporting Character forum, regardless of whether they're a student or otherwise.

Students are characters on Manta Carlos who are attending Starlight Academy. Students who are being home tutored, or who are attending the police academy are not considered students, and would instead go in citizens. Being a student takes priority over being a citizen.

More information on students.

Staff are characters on Manta Carlos who work as faculty for Starlight Academy. This includes both teachers and non-teachers such as librarians, custodians, school doctors, etc. If a character has a civilian job and a position at Manta Carlos, they're considered staff.

More information on staff.

Citizens are everyone else, the people who live on Manta Carlos but who are not either a student or staff of Starlight Academy. Citizens will generally have a job, although a job is not mandatory to be a citizen. Characters who would not legally be considered citizens are still placed in the citizen category.

More information on citizens and businesses.

what are conversations? how can i create one?

Conversations are messages sent directly to other members. Sometimes these are called private messages (or PMs).

If you want to create a conversation with someone either click their profile image and the 'start a conversation' button or click the square button at the top of the page near the alerts to create a conversation. From there you can add the person you wish to talk to by typing their name in the 'participants' section.

ALT: How do PMs work? How do I create a private message?

things to consider when making a character

  • Make sure their personalities have some positives and negatives. No "nice, smart, beautiful, friendly, shy" stuff. Personalities need a little more complexity than that.
  • Be wary of using diagnosed mental illnesses or other diseases when writing a character. It's important to be respectful and well researched on the subject if you plan to roleplay it. If you're not confident in your ability to portray these things accurately, you shouldn't.
  • Do not write abilities in other sections.
  • The abilities listed in your application should be their abilities at the time of acceptance. Please don't include abilities they'll get in the future.
  • All abilities should have limitations. What types can vary depending on the ability, but things such as range, the number of times it can be used in a period, drawbacks, etc are all useful.
  • Starlight Academy is not a combat based roleplay site, so it's not really worth the effort to write hard statistics and probability in your app. Combat based abilities likely won't get much use. Rather than giving the exact number of liters your water manipulator can manipulate, giving a general idea (as many as five water bottles, half an olympic pool, etc) is more helpful.
  • Do not copy paste ability information from other websites. Do not copy parts of another players app without their permission.
  • Being vague for storytelling purposes is okay but we need complete transparency when it comes to abilities.
  • While it's okay to keep a history simple, it does need simple facts. Where they're from, what they were like growing up, major events in their life, and how they came to the academy are important.
  • Your characters history should not have an impact on the real world. For example, you can't say that your character destroyed the real town of Davenport, Washington.
  • Don't make your character have a history with someone elses character unless you've talked to them about it first.
  • When taking a wanted ad, it's common courtesy to show the application to the person who created the wanted ad before submitting it. This can help avoid any confusion or issues that might pop up, and ensure that the character fits the want ad.
  • Consider your characters size and how that may impact your ability to roleplay. If their size is so extreme they can't interact with another character reasonably, they would likely have a human shape charm or a human size charm.
  • We are an original roleplay site. All characters should be your own--Canons are not allowed. This also extends to species--please don't use copyright species from other works. Species from classic works of fiction are the exception.
  • Your character cannot be directly related to recent real life people. You can't be the son of Bill Gates or anything like that. However, father back it becomes more vague - if you want to be the descendant of Attila the Hun, go for it! Just keep in mind other people and make sure that your canon doesn't prevent someone else from making a character in the future. Your character can be connected to or related to a mythological figure. They can even claim they inspired that figure. However, you can't directly play a mythological figure (gods, legendary heroes, angels, etc).
  • Characters cannot break the fourth wall, and abilities related to breaking the fourth wall will not be allowed.
  • Any character without at least human-level intelligence must be a Supporting Character.
  • Make sure your app is properly organized and easy to read, with line breaks between paragraphs and proper punctuation.

someone broke the rules, but no staff are online. what should I do?

PM a staff member (even if they aren't online). Please include information in the PM such as screenshots, the time it happened, and chat logs if applicable.

is this an account-per-player or account-per-character site?

Starlight Academy is account-per-player. Players should register a single account with an OOC name they feel comfortable using, and that OOC name should match up with the name they use in the chatbox.

i'm not a very good roleplayer. Can I join this site?

Of course! All roleplayers all allowed to join this site, whether they be beginners, advanced, or somewhere in the middle. We were all beginners once.

i have a problem with another member / I am being harassed off-site / a staff member is being abusive. What should I do?

Contact a member of the staff. Harassment on or off site is a serious offense and we do not tolerate it. If any staff member starts to abuse their power or breaks rules, please contact Bijou and Romi immediately.

how many characters can i have?

There are no limits to the number of characters you can have. There's also no required post or activity minimums to make a new character, although we strongly encourage players to be up to date on their posts before making a new character.

ALT: Is there a limit to the amount of characters I can have? How many posts do I need to make a new character?

how do you handle magic items?

Magical items are a normal part of life on Manta Carlos, but are still regulated as abilities. Minor magical items (which make insignificant changes, or which are very common) are often considered free upgrades and won't require threads. However, you still need to go through the process for all magical items.

You can read the complete guide for gaining (or upgrading) a new magical item here.

how do open topics work?

An open topic is a thread that is open for anyone to join. If a thread has the 'open' prefix, it means you don't need to check in with the creator before joining. Open threads should be set in a public place, and will generally have some kind of hook to make it easy for someone to join in easily.

Joining an open thread:
Before joining an open thread, there's just a few things to keep in mind. While an open thread should be open to anyone, please check the first post. The author might have left some notes or requests for the person joining. You'll also want to make sure that the thread doesn't have a 'finished' tag.

Threads that already have multiple pages but still have an open tag can technically be joined, but please read the whole thing before joining, as the thread might have moved away from an open area (and the creator simply forgotten to remove the tag).

Ideally, you can find all the currently open threads in the open thread listing.

Making an open thread:
If none of the open threads catch your eye, you can make one of your own! To make one, just RP a thread starter as normal, and then set the thread prefix to open. Once that's done, you'll want to post it in the open thread listing, filling out the form inside.

Keep in mind that you might not have someone instantly join your thread, but the more interesting and open a starter is, the more likely someone will join it. Open threads are most successful when their opening post or their ongoing action could naturally draw a wide range of other characters to get involved.

ALT: Open topic, open thread, starting a thread

how do i use thread prefixes?

Thread prefixes are something a lot of you will be familiar with. They exist to clearly mark what kind of thread you've made, and are only editable by the creator of the thread. The creator of the thread is responsible for prefixing threads appropriately, but if you are a participant and have noticed they have forgotten a prefix, please do remind them. When making (or editing) the first post in a thread, you'll see a section to the left of the topic title that looks like this:


If you click it, a small menu will pop up, showing you all our current prefixes:


What does each prefix mean?

OPEN: This thread is open to anyone who might wish to join. You must either include this prefix or PRIVATE.

PRIVATE: This thread should ONLY be posted in by people who are invited. Often these will take place in private areas, such as someone's house, where no one could just 'walk in' on them. You must either include this prefix or OPEN.

EVENT: This thread is part of one of the many site events or holidays! It could be either the main event thread, or a thread that has split off from it. Generally the description of the thread should indicate what event it's part of, and the thread should be tagged with the relevant event tag. Please be sure to also include whether your EVENT thread is OPEN or PRIVATE.

MATURE: This prefix is unique, because it doesn't directly indicate what type of thread, but instead is used in addition to the other prefixes. This means that the thread goes past the PG-13 limit, and is thus only accessible to those over 18 years of age. You must also indicate whether your thread is OPEN or PRIVATE.

FINISHED: When your thread is over, you must mark it as FINISHED. Feel free to remove the OPEN or PRIVATE tag, since threads should not be joined or roleplayed in once finished.

ALT: What do 'OPEN' 'MATURE' 'PRIVATE' and 'EVENT' mean in front of a post? What makes a thread private?

How do I use post templates?

The most simple option is to do post templates yourself, simply copying and pasting as needed. However, there is a much easier way to use post templates: by saving them!

Click on up to your avatar in the top right to pop out the settings menu. There, you'll find a 'Post Templates' option.


Once there, click 'create a new template' in the top left, and you'll get a popup that lets you customize your new post template.

You can make the post template using HTML, pure BBCode, or by using the live editor! No matter what, the outcome will come out in code when you insert it. Once you're done, hit 'Create a New Template' in the bottom right.

Once you want to use your post template, head over to where you'd normally post. Then, click the blank button in the top right.


Clicking this will pop up a selector (including a preview of the template you chose) allowing you to pick your template of choice. From there, hit 'Insert' and your post template will be inserted where your cursor is.

You can have as many post templates as you want, and they are unique to you. No one else can see your own templates.

how do i upgrade my abilities? how do i get a new ability?

An ability is very loosely defined. When we discuss ability changes, we include any of the following: upgrading an existing ability, changing an existing ability, gaining a new ability, changing species, or gaining a magic item. All of these will follow a similar format, with some slight tweaks here and there.

You can see the full format here.

How do I tag threads?

Tagging is NOT required OR enforced.
(but it would be nice if you did!)

Thread tags are a system used to organize your threads. While technically anything can be used as a thread tag, we have a set system for what should be a thread tag, in order to let people easily find their posts.

To add a tag from the new thread page, scroll underneath the post box itself to see a section to add tags. From there, you can fill in individual tags before posting.



To add tags to an already existing thread, head to the thread itself and click 'Tags: edit' on the left side under the title. This will pop up a box allowing you to tag without editing the whole post.


Tags have categories!


You can view all the tags and their categories on the Tag page. We ask that when you create a new tag, you edit it so it goes into the right category! You can edit the category by clicking on said tag and going to its page:

Categories meanings
Character: The name of a character in the thread.
Content Warning: Anything that might be upsetting to someone, or sensitive subjects.
Events and Challenges: All events threads should have their proper event tag!
Groups: Clubs, Organizations, Groups, and Families belong here.
Location: A specific location -- usually someone's house or a business.
Misc.: Anything not in the other categories!
Relationship: All relationships.
Species: This is for staff only, but it's how we label each character profile.

So how do we use tags here?​


DO: "Guinevere Haze"
DON'T: "Guin"
Why: You should always use a full name or a Name (Username) when tagging a thread, otherwise you could get multiple characters in one tag.

DO: "Guin/Loch"
DON'T: "Guinloch" "Murderbang Couple"
Why: When tags are entered into the system, they are all automatically set to appear as lowercase. I might confuse your ship and delete it if this happens and it looks like a name. Please keep the exact formatting as exampled above.

DO: "Birthday"
DON'T: "Guinevere's Birthday"
Why: This is just one of those things that works better vague, because lots of characters have birthdays, so why should your character have their own special tag for such a common event?

DO: "Guinevere's Apartment"
DON'T: "Apartment"
Why: This thread is already in the Apartments forum!

DO: Really, don't do this kind of tag.
DON'T: "Ferris Wheel"
Why: This is both simultaneously too broad and too specific. There is nothing important about this Ferris Wheel, so it isn't worth mentioning.

DO: "Bijou Characters"
DON'T: "application" "thread tracker" "plotter"
Why: We already have forums to mark what the threads are for, but if you want an easy way to find all of your characters at once a good way is to tag them as your own.

DO: NOTHING! or, if the thread takes place in a different time, "Flashback"
DON'T: "Summer" "Spring" "December"
Why: Unless your thread is not taking place in the exact month/season we're presently in, there's no need to label it.

DO: "Snowball Fight"
DON'T: "snow/snowing"
Why: The tags don't need to say what the weather is in your thread. You should include that in your posts instead!

DO: "Christmas" "Chick Fil A"
DON'T: "Xmas" "CFA"
Why: Abbreviations are bad and it's possible not everyone will know what your abbreviations refer to.

DO: "Gore"
DON'T: "Dismemberment" "Decapitation" "Etc"
Why: You want to keep these warning tags very broad. We don't need to know all the gory details in the tags.

DO: "Sick" / "Illness"
DON'T: "Cancer" "Flu" Common Cold" "Diabetes"
Why: Same thing as above but a little milder, there just isn't much reason to have such specifics.

DO: "fluff" "fighting" "sex"
DON'T: "Cool" "awesome" "sexy"
Why: Try to avoid adjectives as much as you can. These are labels, not descriptions.

DO: "noncon"
DON'T: "Rape" "Molestation" "Sexual Assault"
Why: It's just tasteless.

Character Tags: This is the main one. For every thread you make, tag your characters name - please use the full name, as shown in the character app. If your character only has one name, please tag them as "Name (Username)", for example: "Paragon (Bijou)". Tags are not case sensitive, so PARAGON, Paragon, and paragon would all act the same. Clicking a character's tag will bring up a search result page showing you all the threads they've been in, essentially functioning as a character-specific thread tracker. Every time you make or join a new thread, just tag your character, and you'll automatically have a nice list.

Content Warnings: The 'Mature' prefix is mandatory for threads over PG-13, but it can also be unclear. A Mature thread could be so because of sexual content, gore, violence, drug use, or a variety of other topics. In order to make it clear just what kind of content the Mature tag indicates, we'll be using tags. This will allow people who want to avoid some kinds of Mature content (such as gore) to avoid it without having to avoid the whole tag. Suggested Mature content tags include: Sex, Violence, Drug Use, Suicide, Abuse, Noncon, Dubcon, Unsanitary, and Gore. While it's good to be clear on what content it is, please also don't be too specific. Content Warnings are helpful, but not mandatory. Content Warnings are NOT enforced. They are not meant to be trigger warnings.

Event Tags:
We've already got the event prefix, but that just says that it is an event, and not what the event itself is. Every event will have a specific tag associated with it, listed in the announcement itself. Generally this will be something like 'The Bonfire' or 'Secret Santa'. Please don't include the year in the tag!

Relationship Tags: This one is more for fun. If you've got a ship you like - say, John and Angela, you can stick a little tag on all their threads so you (or someone else) can easily see all the threads they have together. Romantic/sexual ship tags MUST be Name1/Name2 format. For family/friendship tags, the format should be Name1&Name2.

Location Tags: If you are roleplaying in a thread that takes place at a location more specific than the forum you're in, such as someones apartment or a business, tag it!

Misc Tags: These are odds and ends, generally used for conveying things like tone, or anything else that isn't covered by the above tags. For example: angst, fluff, breakup, proposal, therapy, hurt/comfort, family, or even selfthread!

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