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    Tagging is NOT required OR enforced.
    (but it would be nice if you did!)

    To add a tag from the new thread page, scroll underneath the post box itself to see a section to add tags. From there, you can fill in individual tags before posting.

    To add tags to an already existing thread, head to the thread itself and click 'Tags: edit' on the left side under the title. This will pop up a box allowing you to tag without editing the whole post.


    Tags have categories!


    You can view all the tags and their categories on the Tag page. We ask that when you create a new tag, you edit it so it goes into the right category! You can edit the category by clicking on said tag and going to its page:

    Tag Categories

    Character: The name of one of the characters in the thread. Tags should be a characters full name, so First Last. If a character only has one name, Do First (Player). Clicking a characters tag will come up with a list of all the threads they've been in, functioning as a mini-thread tracker.

    Content Warning: The 'Mature' prefix is mandatory for threads over PG-13, but it also covers a wide umbrella of topics. In order to be clear about what kind of content is being covered, we encourage the use of content tags. Suggested mature content tags include: Sex, Violence, Drug Use, Suicide, Abuse, Noncon, Dubcon, Unsanity, and Gore. Please be clear, but please also don't be too specific. Content warnings are helpful, but not mandatory. Content Warnings are NOT enforced. They are not meant to be trigger warnings.

    Events: Threads tagged with the Event prefix should be tagged with the tag for the relevant tag for the event. For example: Secret Santa, Student Council Elections, etc. Please do not include the year.

    Groups: Clubs, Organizations, Groups, and Families belong here.

    Location: A specific location — usually someone's house or a business. Only tag location when the location is more specific than the forum you're already in. This is important in the Anywhere Else forum, where it can help give an idea of general location, such as 'USA' or 'France'.

    Misc.: Anything not in the other categories! This includes general tone tags like Angst, Fluff, Therapy, Selfthread, or Flashback.

    Relationship: A tag to help track relationships of all kinds. Romantic/Sexual relationships must be Name1/Name2, while family/friend relationships should be Name1&Name2. Please don't use nicknames or amalgam names.

    Species: This is used by staff only, and helps us track our ratios.

    Some general do's and don'ts:

    DO: "Birthday"
    DON'T: "Guinevere's Birthday"
    Why: This is just one of those things that works better vague, because lots of characters have birthdays, so why should your character have their own special tag for such a common event?

    DO: Really, don't do this kind of tag.
    DON'T: "Ferris Wheel Ride"
    Why: Tags should convey information about the thread they're in, but they're not intended to be summaries of the thread.

    DO: "Bijou Characters"
    DON'T: "application" "thread tracker" "plotter"
    Why: We already have forums to mark what the threads are for, but if you want an easy way to find all of your characters at once a good way is to tag them as your own.

    DO: NOTHING! or, if the thread takes place in a different time, "Flashback"
    DON'T: "Summer" "Spring" "December"
    Why: Unless your thread is not taking place in the exact month/season we're presently in, there's no need to label it.

    DO: "fluff" "fighting" "sex"
    DON'T: "Cool" "awesome" "sexy"
    Why: Try to avoid adjectives as much as you can. These are labels, not descriptions.

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