Starlight Observation Station

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  • Out beyond the inner ring of planets in our Solar system, near the asteroid belt that splits the planets into two groups, is the Starlight Observation Station. A joint effort creation between Manta Carlos officials and the ubiquitous Federation of Milky Way Species, the station acts as a point of contact for extraterrestrials entering Earth's solar system as well as a connection to worlds far beyond our Sun.

    The Station is a city in its own right, with multiple tiered platforms boasting living facilities, artificially maintained gardens, businesses and embassies for prominent alien life from all over the Federation. Access to the Station is controlled through a series of spacecraft docks and teleportation pads. The latter of these have a direct line to Manta Carlos and indirect lines to other Federation affiliated space.

    For the enterprising day tourist or visitor, Starlight Observation Station has a number of ammenities for fun and relaxation. From star cruises to the Orion Intergalactic Virtual Reality Simulator System, one can always find something to do. The Station even boasts a dome covered amusement park at its peak: relatively small but unique in its high-tech rides and exotic food. And every year, SPACEcon comes to the space station to bring the height of culture sharing and entertainment to its peak.
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