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    The Administrators helps keep Starlight Academy running smoothly behind the scenes. They manage all of the different staff teams as well as handles the coding on the backend of the site. They are involved in every decision regarding the site and help with the direction of the lore, events, challenges, and community.

    The Moderators manage the forums and the chat. They approve characters and make sure that all the rules are followed, and manage the day to day tasks of keeping the site up and running.

    The Rangers are members of the site who help the staff, either by helping the staff running events (event rangers), or by helping them look over new applications (app rangers).

    To contact any team member, click on Start a New Conversation and add them to the Participants field.

    If you're interested in applying to be a part of our staff team, check out this thread for more information.

    Hi and feel free to call me Bijou! I'm the Advisory Admin and overall Site Director. I've been on SA for fourteen years now and it's been a blast. Fourteen years ago I joined this board and had the most incredible experience on my very first roleplaying forum, and it's something I truly believe in and want to preserve. That's why, today, you'll find that things here have that old feeling of 'today sucked, but I'm excited to rp!' When I came into ownership of SA I really wanted to create a fun laid back experience for everyone and it's what I strive for everyday.

    I handle a lot of the behind the scenes work of Starlight Academy. Usually I stick to the more technical side of taking care of SA as well as directing all decisions made. If you have any issues, don't hesitate to reach out to me!

    A little more about me. I use He/Him/They/Them pronouns, am happily queer, vegan, love crossdressing, and adore dark twisted plots with complex relationship dynamics! I live in the very hot Arizona and love all my animals. I also love animanga along with video games and I get a real kick out of watching my boyfriend stream games. As a disabled NEET, I have lots of time to do things I love, like taking care of SA, drawing, and overall trying to improve myself! My disability keeps me away from the board sometimes, but I'm always on discord or checking my PMs.


    Hey there, and welcome to SA! I'm Romi, the other admin of SA! I joined back in 2015, making me a comparative baby compared to Bijou, but SA's become a big part of my life since then. I'm availible mostly during daylight hours (PST), and tend to end up in bed by midnight. When I'm not on SA, I'm a big handheld gamer, splitting by time between the Switch, Vita, and 3DS. I'm also into both anime and manga, keeping up with seasonal anime and regularly reading new manga.

    I normally have between five to ten active characters, and around twenty five active threads, but I try and leave myself always open for plotting. When RPing with me you can expect a post anywhere from once a day to once a week, and I rarely let thing sit longer then that. As part of the staff I manage challenges and advertising, so if you have a question about those, I should be your first stop! I also help with side coding, profiles, and organization. If you need to get in touch with me, my discord is on my profile, or I can be reached by PM (which will send a message to my phone).

    Hey, I'm Kada! I'm the Events Moderator here at Starlight Academy. On top of my standard Mod duties, I pull most of the strings to make things happen on the island. I couldn't do any of it without the rest of my team though, cause things can get hectic.

    Off site I'm a college student with a degree already under my belt; I work in the IT Department at my school. I'm married to one of my absolute best friends, who balances me out immensely. I'm kind of a general nerd: I like just about everything from sci-fi to fantasy. My favorite hobby is tabletop role playing.


    Hey there, PixelatedGlory here. I'm another one of the mods working to help enforce the rules, approve your lovely character applications and otherwise keep this great site running smoothly. I'm around quite a bit in the chats so if you need me I'm usually there. If not I'm available through private message on the site and my discord is always open for anyone.

    I've always been a bit of a creative ideas person, doing a lot of homebrew roleplaying games after school when I was younger. I love video games though I'm not ashamed to say i'm much better at helping to create a story than just playing along to someone else's. I've been doing tabletop roleplaying regularly for a while now and hopped into DMing them not long after I started playing. Now that I've found Starlight Academy though I couldn't imagine not having a place like this to run with my ideas and see what cool and unique things everyone else comes up with.


    Hey there! I'm Loth, one of the more recent additions to the mod team. I live in Australia which unfortunately means I'm often asleep while things are most busy, but I do my best to stay active while I'm online. I got my start roleplaying on reddit back in 2015, before I started boncing around forums and ended up here on SA. I handle general mod stuff along with the rest of the team and I'm always happy to help out.

    Outside of the site I'm about as nerdy as the next guy. I like playing vidjagames and I like reading comics. I also read a lot of novels in my spare time (if you got any recommendations hit me up yo).
    We would like to thank everyone who contributed to making this website. Starlight Academy was founded and created by Birdie. Sunset's design is based on old skin by Fidget (although completely coded by Bijou). The banner carousel comes from Ring Wang. Twilight, Sunset, Starlight, Daylight, Dusk and Nightlife were all coded by Bijou, based on the theme Xenith from Audentio. Our website also features original artwork from Bijou, Viidoll, Badriel, Adamkop, Jordangrimmer and other images that were found on Zerochan. If you are an artist who wishes to have their image taken down, please contact a staff member in the Help Desk.

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