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  • The World

    Starlight Academy takes place in the present day with a history, culture, and technology that matches ours. There's a secret however: Things thought of as only myths and legends exist, and have always existed. Aliens are real. Ancient Gods did (and sometimes still do) walk the earth. Magic runs strong in some bloodlines. Anything and everything can—and often does—exist.

    The majority of supernatural beings have agreed to stay hidden from the world at large, and act to prevent others from revealing themselves. These agreements, and the various groups that enforce them, were collectively known as the Veil of Secrecy.

    Originally an archipelago of islands in the Northwestern corner of the Pacific Ocean, Manta Carlos was first settled by pirates in the 17th century. In 1894 Cordelia Moore rediscovered the island, founding Starlight Academy- a place for the supernatural to develop their abilities and find safety. Since then, the Manta Carlos Islands have been a haven for supernatural beings of all kinds. More information on the island's history can be found here.

    Starlight Academy

    Starlight Academy was founded on MCI as a place for supernatural people to learn and flourish the same way ordinary people would. It provides education on a wide variety of topics, both magical and mundane, for students of all ages.

    The academy is also responsible for the organization referred to as the Scouts. Their primary purpose is to seek out supernatural beings of all kinds, inform them of the island's existence, and offer them a place on the island. In the event that someone doesn't have control of their abilities or is for any reason in danger or at risk, scouts are responsible for bringing them to the island for their own safety. More information on the scouts can be found here.

    Death of Magic

    Unfortunately, because of humanity's collective disbelief in magic, the supernatural is slowly starting to fade from the world. Spells grow weaker, and extraordinary beasts are starting to become ordinary. If something acts in a way that would threaten that disbelief, the fading effect becomes stronger, potentially even erasing the threat from existence entirely.

    In order to preserve the supernatural, the island itself has been pulled into a liminal space. It now exists between dimensions, allowing magic to continue thriving without being threatened by the disbelief.

    The goal of the scouts has progressed beyond just bringing new arrivals to safety, expanding to informing entire communities about the death of magic. Seeking to gove them an opportunity to relocate to the island and escape the risk of losing what makes them unique.

    More information on the current state of the island can be found here.
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