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  • General ICC Rules Overview

    • Only Accepted characters with a filled out Mini Profile can be roleplayed in the ICC Discord server.

    • There is no hard limit for the number of characters you can roleplay in a given ICC channel. However, remember not to hog the channels.

    • Posting should be done in Third Person, Present Tense, such as:
      Polaris crosses their arms and huffs, “It’s not like I like you or anything, Baka.”
    • Posts made in the ICC should not be overly long. As a general rule: the more people there are in a given channel, the shorter your responses should be. This allows everyone to have a chance to interact.

    • Do your best to include and acknowledge everyone in an ICC channel. While your character can ignore another character for various reasons, you should make a note of that in character, such as:
      Polaris looks the other way and ignores Thoth. They prefer Romi, who replaced Thoth like three years ago.
    • Do not type out foreign languages or heavy accents in the ICC. Stick to typing in English. If your character needs to speak in another language for any reason please use square brackets to denote the language before the speech, like so:
      [Ancient Sumerian] “You are weak, your bloodline is weak, and you will not survive the winter.”
    • Content in all ICC channels should be kept at a 1571445826352.png rating, as is consistent with the main site’s guidelines.

    • Joining the ICC server is as easy as following the link here. Once you're in the server, navigate to the #setup channel. You'll also need to have your character sheet open.

    Public ICC Specific Rules

    • The Manta Carlos Community Center and the Gray Raven are set in a single set location. The Community Center is open to all occupants of the island, while the Gray Raven is open only to adult characters. Other event settings may not be open to all character types, so please read any provided descriptions carefully.

    • Characters should remain in-character whenever played in the canon ICC. However, please don't harass or bully another character excessively. Remember there is another person behind the character, and that your character is always free to leave.

    • If you find yourself having a largely private conversation with someone and not engaging with any other characters, it should probably be happening in a private room or in a thread on the site.

    • Child characters under the mental age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult (reasonable use of background npcs is ok) during late night periods in the Community Center.

    • Content that needs a content warning should not appear in public rooms. This includes things like discussions of suicide, addiction, self harm, etc.

    • Please do not go into public rooms intending to cause a disturbance. Public rooms are in locations that would be monitored, and the majority would have security. Those breaking the law would inevitably have the police called on them. Any player whose character has the police called on them twice in a two week period will be banned from the community center for a two week period. This also extends to serious health issues, or other official intervention.

    • If you fade out for an extended period of time without sending a message, it's assumed that your character has silently left or otherwise faded out. You do not have to return to the ICC just to have your character leave.

    • As with above, please always have your character enter the public rooms. Characters shouldn't have been there the whole time, as it makes things awkward for other players.

    • In the event something happens in the ICC that you'd like to retract (say, you accidentally greeted a character by name before realizing your character wouldn't know their name), simply let people know OOC when it happens. For larger things you want (or need) to retcon, all players who were in the room need to be involved in the discussion of whether or not to retcon, not just the ones who played a major role.

    Private ICC Specific Rules

    • It is encouraged to post in #private-room-claim in the ICC server if you want to request the use of one of the private chat channels. Priority for using them will always go to those who requested the use of them. At all other times the channels are first come, first served.

    • Private rooms are intended for quick conversations or other interactions that might not warrant a full thread. The location of the room should be set at the very beginning of the session using OOC notes.

    • Players who have not been invited should not intrude on other player's private sessions. You are welcome to watch, but should treat the room as you would a private thread, even if the events are happening in public.

    • What happens in a private room is visible to all players. Mature content is strictly forbidden from all rooms, including private ones. We also discourage content that would warrant a content warning from being in private rooms, but it is allowed if the content is clearly warned for.

    • Please do not hog the private rooms. You can only be in one private room at a time. Likewise, private sessions should be resolved in a timely manner. While time is fluid within the private rooms, they are not intended to be like threads where you take hours to reply.
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