The Farmlands

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  • The Farmland is a large tract of land to the east of Manta Carlos City, far and away from the hustle and bustle of even suburban life. Its residents are made up of centaurs, dryads, and other beings who need a lot of open space and natural environment to thrive; but also plenty of people who just don’t want to live in the city.

    Rather than a single massive enterprise or a cluster of fiercely independent isolationists, the Farmland has a community and a culture all its own and separate from what you might find in the city. Money is a concern that the people of the Farmland rarely consider, only keeping and using it to get what they can’t make and maintain themselves; all trade and commerce within their community involves trade and mutual aid.

    Part of the agreement between the city and the farm community involves the city not expanding eastward and encroaching on their corner of the natural world or their way of life.

    Each farm specializes in one kind of agriculture, but there is a degree of overlap between them. If you travel around, you can find anything from orchards of fruit trees to pastures filled with Wanaal and Vynix.

    The Farmland also maintains control of a couple of radio frequencies on the island. These are used to relay information between the farms quickly when needed, but also for entertainment. This radio channel, affectionately called The Porch Swing, often rotates out its content and includes talk shows, music, radio dramas, and the like.
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