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  • Starlight Academy is a living, breathing community. We strive to continue growing and changing to make ourselves the absolute best that we can for our members. That said, keeping our site up and functioning does come with its costs:
    • 1.25 USD monthly for Hosting
    • 4.25 USD monthly for our Domain
    • 3.50 USD monthly for our software
    • 15 USD monthly for running monthly fees
    • Total: 25 USD monthly
    We on the staff are more than happy to cover these fees ourselves, but we have heard a number of times that some of our members would love to help us cover our costs of operation. We genuinely appreciate that and welcome anyone to help out however much they can. To than end, we have our Account Upgrade subscriptions.

    These subscriptions give you little perks on the site, such as being able to pick your username color or add banners to the tops of your threads. The subscriptions range from 1 USD to 10 USD with different levels of benefit depending on what you choose. All of the money from our subscribers goes into an account that directly gets drawn from to cover these fees and isn't touched in any way by the staff. It also goes towards potential future enhancements to the site.

    If you would like to support Starlight Academy financially and get some of the perks of being a subscriber, you can follow this link here to check out what each tier gives you.
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