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    If you are reading this, then you are a very special person. Unique, gifted, different; it does not matter how you wish to phrase it. As a result, I would like to congratulate you on your invitation to Starlight Academy. We are looking forward to meeting you.

    Starlight Academy is a laid back roleplaying community with a goal in mind: to have fun while roleplaying. We post at our own pace, we plot to our hearts desire, and you decide how your roleplaying experience will be.
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Interested in learning about Starlight Academy? Our SA Starter Guide includes an overview of the site, and has helpful links to everything you might want to know!
    1. Announcements

      Board-wide and In Character Event announcements are posted here. Make sure to keep up to date!
    2. Help Desk & Suggestions

      Got questions? Have ideas for Starlight Academy? This is the place to post! (Guest friendly)
    1. Character Applications

      Make your characters here. Be sure to read all the pinned topics and post your character in this forum while you wait for them to be sorted into the character categories!
    2. Plots

      If you have specific plots you need people for or just want to plot in general, this is the place to go. Lots of cool ideas can come about from plotting, so have fun!
    3. Claims

      Here you can claim everything you need! Claim awards, businesses, grades, and all kinds of lists. You can find supplementary information inside as well.
    1. Student Life

      Starlight Academy is well known for taking care of the students, and it is reflected in their daily lives. From the comforts of excellent food to the homely living quarters, the daily lives of the students are carried out here in their free time.
    2. Education

      The Academy take pride in its educational courses. Teachers are hired from all around the world, with classrooms using a special "universal language" enchantment. Students will receive the best education possible here, from basic courses to powers to the fine arts.
    3. Academy Grounds

      Though the inside of the school is charming and magnificent, the outside is full of sights and sounds as well. Prepare to be taken in by the scenery and beautiful architecture of the campus grounds.
    1. City Life

      The bustling city grows every year. What started as a small village is now a prominent mark on the island. It's a beautiful city filled with life and noise, but it also has a darker side if you care to find it. This area encompasses the entire city outside of unique locations.
    2. Residential Areas

      The citizens of Manta Carlos Island have their own lives to lead. Some may live in the city, or in the country side, but no matter where you go the community feeling of the Island thrives.
    1. The Woods

      Huge, thick trees stand proudly here. The forest rests just beyond the lake, and is full of wildlife and nature. A ways in you can also find the local cemetery.
    2. The Pacific

      The entire coast of the island, no matter where you are, is beach. Hot sand, seagulls, rolling waves - you name it, it's there. There are docks nearby for the local fisherman and boats from the outside world.
    3. Starlight Observation Station

      The Starlight Observation Station is an intergalactic hub, where aliens are initiated into Earth culture and also bring their own into the mix. The Station operates as a science station, an interstellar entertainment conglomerate, and a part of the Academy for introducing alien newcomers. With teleportation between the Station and the Island, it's a hot spot for visitors going both ways!
    4. Anywhere Else

      If you need a thread to take place somewhere not listed in the above forums, post here.
    1. Coming and Going

      Arriving for the first time? Going on vacation? Going to be busy? Post here for any departures or arrivals!
    2. Happy Pastimes

      The old topics, from past times and happy memories.
      Bloos Latest: Estella Rose by Bloos Sep 17, 2019 at 5:38 AM
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