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Romi Taliesen Diamanti

Discussion in 'NPC' started by Kadakism, Feb 13, 2018.

  1. Kadakism

    Killer GM

    Aug 9, 2016
    Him/Her/Them/doesn't matter
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    #1 Kadakism, Feb 13, 2018
    Last edited: Feb 19, 2018 at 10:03 PM

    Taliesen Diamanti

    Sit down at my table,
    Put your mind at ease.
    If you relax it will enable me
    To do anything I please.
    I can read your future,
    I can change it round some too.
    I look deep in your heart and soul,
    Make your wildest dreams come true.

    1980/19 | September 2 | Male | Fae (Barghest) | NPC | Salesman

    To most people, Taliesen looks like a young man of indeterminate age who has perfected the art of looking like a sleazy salesman. Slicked black dark brown hair, red and black pinstripe suits, and round framed silver glasses. His form isn't entirely human however, with sharp, slightly serrated teeth, long pointed ears, and diamonds set in his eye sockets with no eyebrows above them.

    Taliesen is, in his true, unglamoured form a hideous monster of a sort. He is a large red furred beast that could be described as bear-like only if you squint really hard. Long, ape-like arms end in large clawed hands and contrast his short, stumpy legs with small, fur covered feet. His eyes are uncannily circular and white with pinpricks of black for pupils, above a ridiculously large nose and a mouth of tusks and large blocky teeth in a severe underbite. This form also sports a pair of wide horns, one of which is sawn shorter than the other.

    This form has no definite height, simply seeming to tower over everyone around it. It grows unnoticeably to fill any space it is in until the top of his horns brush against whatever roof is over him.​

    Taliesen is a charming man with a sense of flair and panache. He is lively and personable and seems like the kind of person who could sell ice to a polar bear.

    Difficult to anger, the only thing that seems to set Taliesen off is being not being heard out. If someone opts not to take advice or offers he makes, fine, but he wants to at least be heard.​

    Let's Make a Deal.
    Taliesen has been given permission from Facade to represent them on the island and expand their interests.

    To this end, Taliesen can warp reality around him to give the person he is dealing with whatever they want. But they must give him something of equal oflr higher value in return. There are some rules for this process:

    • The person must hear out his offer. After that, haggling can commence.
    • The client must be fully cognizant and able to understand the deal in order to agree to it. Animals, infants, and those without at least an adolescent mind do not qualify.
    • The exchange must at least be equal on the client's end, so they must give up something that they value at least as much as the thing he is offering to give them.
    • One deal per customer; no substitutions, exchanges, or refunds.
    • The most common things Taliesen will accept are luck, talents, powers, lifespan, memories, emotions, body parts, or a loved one.
    • One can delay their payment temporarily in the case of time sensitive wishes, but this accrues interest.
    • Taliesen does not keep the payments he receives. These instead go to Facade, to expand their influence in Underhill.
    • Things have value based on what you desire in the moment. If you were kind of hungry and wanted a sandwich, you might have to pay, at most, a day's worth of good luck to have him magic you up a sandwich. If you were literally starving, it might cost you several years of your lifespan to get that same sandwich. Likewise, in general, a person could trade in the remainder of their lifespan in order to save the life of/revive a loved one.
    • Taliesen cannot take things from people that are not theirs to give. So you can't sacrifice a loved one's life, no matter how much you treasure them. You can give up your connection to people and things however, and it still works.​

    As Fae, Taliesen is functionally immortal. He will not die of old age but can be killed by intent or accident.

    He can shift willingly between his true form and his glsmoured form. When in his true form, he always seems to be taller than anyone around him, though his height does not actually change.

    Iron burns him with contact and wounds caused by iron heal very slowly and are more prone to infection.

    Taliesen also cannot knowingly tell a lie.​

    Taliesen was a caretaker in the Court of Precious Stone, tedning to the lands in their domain. But he was ambitious and always looking for a way to become more powerful and influential. He was discovered attempting to usurp someone within the Court to improve his standing, and he was banished from the Court. He wandered between Courts for a time, unable to settle down anywhere. But just as he was resigning himself to live in the Long Night, he stumbled upon Facade. A place for outcase Fae. He was welcomed with open arms, and his own talents and ambition made him an excellent fit for the Court. After a long time of wheeling and dealing in the Gallery of Faces, he was chosen to represent Facade on Manta Carlos. There may have been some blackmail and possibly some murder involved in the other candidates not being chosen, but that isn't really important.​
  2. Romi


    Jun 18, 2015
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  3. Kadakism

    Killer GM

    Aug 9, 2016
    Him/Her/Them/doesn't matter
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    Name: Taliesen Diamanti
    Apparent Age: 19 or 35, hard to tell
    Gender: Male
    Species: Fae
    Height: 5' 7"
    Build: Skinny

    Notable Features: Pointed ears, eyes like diamonds, no eyebrows, sharp teeth, pinstripe suits. Occasionally wears a mask.

    His true form, which he glamours to be more approachable, is a large red hairy monster that could be described as a large horned bear-ape.

    Physical Quirks: Is like always smiling. Speaks in what can best be described as a very good fake British accent. Avoids exposed iron like the plague.

    Power Summary: Can grant wishes by offering to trade something the "client" wants that they value at least as much as the thing they could give him.

    Reputation: Not much, as of now.

    Misc Information:

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