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MYLF- Make Your Lovely Fate

Discussion in 'Link Backs' started by Sparkfyre Muse Lyras, Sep 10, 2017.


    Traverse Crossing- a major city bridging our world and the Faeworld, where the Dryad, Naeko, Levia, and Faerie Clans rule the city, with a menagerie and multitude of other species abound, with humans developing paranormal powers, where the FourClan Security Force patrols the streets and the Orange Pickle Park, where the Sevensworn believe all life needs to be in balance and regularly tread the paths of vigilante or murderer, where people go to the MAREO to get smarter, or to participate in the Mixed Magical Arts and become superstars! Where anybody can become (almost) anything!

    In a city where light and dark turn upon the wheels of fate like the cycles of the sun and moon, can you find your way to fame and glory? Or will you be sucked into the darkness and perish in anonymity? Come join us, seek your fate, here in the city

    Traverse Crossing

    *Site grand opening Sept. 14th, 2017!
    *No face claims or mandatory species lists!
    *Jcink site with honest, friendly-ish, but rather lazy admin Sparky who's hoping to get more staff soon
    *OPTIONAL stat system
    *Site desperately needs staff who knows what the heck they're doing with Jcink
    *Also Sparky would like to greatly apologize beforehand about the sh**-tonne of reading on the site.

    ***Home Page***Advertisement Board***Rules***Plot***

    ***Shameless site promotion bonus! Sign up in the first 2 weeks (September 10 2017 to September 24 2017 central time zone) and get 7 free stat points for your first character! See general board thread for details***​

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