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Discussion in 'Archived Characters' started by Bubbs, Jul 11, 2017.

  1. Bubbs

    New Member

    Jul 10, 2017
    #1 Bubbs, Jul 11, 2017
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2017
    Name: Gavin

    Age: 16ish (doesn't know)

    Birthday: (also doesn't know)

    Gender: Male

    Species: Human, with injected demon blood

    Category: Student

    Class: Highschool

    Grade: 10-11 (depending on if it's summer XD)

    Aperance: Brown eyes, tanned skin (white), tends to wear athletic shorts and random T-shirt (usually black or white w/ design/logo) dark brown hair w/ part bleached, 5ft. 10inch. , hair cut short and semi curly, tends to stick up a little and either go back or to a side (runs hands through hair a lot)

    • Positive: flirty w/ out trying, funny, acts childish, mature when needed, very emotional, "wears emotions on his sleeve", friendly, loves joking/teasing w/ people, loyal, and brave (unless it comes to heights)
    • Negative: doesn't think when in a situation, tends to feel more than thinks (like doesn't think in a situation), can be easily angered, doesn't like waiting, can't stand heights, holds grudges, sometimes ignores authority or those in charge to do what he believes is right.

    Dark Magic, He can manipulate forms of dark matter or dark energy (same thing really)
    Dark matter: whenever a dark mage casts a spell they use dark matter/energy to cast the spell, create the creature, build the whatever, etc. (the spell is then created out of dark matter) If the spell is a lingering spell or if the mage created something, Gavin can control it by using the dark matter it is made of, he can also cast his own spells that are like the things he can control from others (I'll give a CAN and CAN'T example here)
    • Can: A dark mage used his powers to put a village under a curse where all the villagers become demons at sun down, Gavin can either control it or make it go away
    • Can't: A dark mage has made a golem that is destroying a town, Gavin can (not) twist the golem to his control or simply will it to disperse.
    So I hope that makes sense, but pretty much he can not control dark creatures (of any type) or things that someone is specifically controlling with all their will power, but he can get rid of spells or take control of a spell that the creator isn't concentrating on at the time.
    he can create weapons (from swords to cannons) or just make a mist if he wants to, and pretty much everything in-between, but CAN NOT create creatures with their own will or that take his commands (he can create little puppets and stuff tho, but he has to directly control them)

    LIMITATIONS: while I tried to also scatter them throughout the sheet I figure it may be easier if i put most of them here:

    • Over-extension of powers: he can sometimes try to expand his power into too many beings/things and then he basically splits himself into 2 people (form begins to shimmer/vibrate, one eye goes pitch black) and the only way it can be reversed is by him taking all his magic back from every place he has spent it within the vicinity, then he has to have a recover period
    • Non-detection: If he can't sense a dark presence, aura, or anything else in the vicinity, then (duh) he is powerless against it or to control it
    • Mood: he draws a lot of power from his feelings, he lets loose everything inside to fight with or control magic, BUT the problem with that is if he is feeling numb, or has very little emotion at the time, his magic is practically non-existent
    • Malpower: (like malnutrition XD) if he doesn't consume, be near, or save up enough dark energy then it won't take long for him to use up all his energy (magical and physical) he constantly needs to eat because his branch of dark magic tends to cost a lot of energy
    • Mind: if he can't see himself getting out of a mess, imagine what he needs to create, or if his mind is somewhere else then his magic will either be extremely weak, non existent, or out of control (sometimes he can un-consciously go into a state where his body believes it is Ragnarok's and begins destroying things or attacking people, if he is not focused on what his own body is doing he practically hands control over to Ragnarok's black blood)
    • His magic range is within a half mile, he has large range but the further out of it the less powerful his magic becomes, he can also create his magic within other dark mage's power ranges, but once again it is very weak.
    • Can not take control of a creature with it's own will or that some one is specificaly giving orders too (ex: dark Golem or a twisted unicorn) and can not steal control of a spell that is being controlled consciously by some one else (if they are sub-consciously controlling it he can steal it from them)
    • He can create up to a swimming pool sized amount of dark energy/magic before becoming COMPLETELY exhausted. (he will become more tired with every liter more <the reason I'm using liquid terms is because dark energy is easiest to be measured that way, it allows you to have a shape and more easily determined amount, even tho dark matter can appear in any form>)

    1. Swords: He wields twin (duel) swords: Clarent and Enclaudes:
      • Clarent & Enclaudes: Clarent & Enclaudes are the swords of flames, they are one of the 4 elemental swords (depending on the wielders preference they can be any type of sword/s) (see biography section) The cuts they give deliver third degree burns (or less, depending on the wielder's aggression levels)They are made out of black stone, it has red specs and streaks running throughout it, it also it seems to emit a dark mist/cloud that always levitates around it. Also because the sword(s) have bonded with him when they don't appear to be on his back (he can amke the invisible, visible, or seem to not be there, for the third he can still sense their presence on his back but no one or thing can touch or sense them, besides him of course XD) he has a duel sword sheath in an X on his back that was burned into his skin when he first touched clarent, it is an exact replica of clarent's duel wielding pack.
    Not much that he remembers:
    His parents died and he taught himself most of what he knows.

    (but) He was taught by a monk to learn light magic (about the age of 5-6) but when the monk was killed in a village raid(terrorist attack) his magic turned dark (he didn't realize he grew up in the Middle East, he was never taught/told of world events <and no, not that he was stupid and didn't realize where he was, he never met another human being until he met the monk and even after that he met very few people>)

    He then took the basic training from his teacher and began to teach himself magic, eventually he found a magic middle school, but everything they "taught" at the middle school he knew so he eventually left.while at the middle school he learnt he had a brother, who died of mysterious reasons, and that when he was born he was injected with the blood of Ragnarok, the first incarnation of Satin (who was more powerful and took 7 gods to defeat)

    The Middle School was Alurenx pre-high (which is on the border of the United States and Canada) Gavin transferred to Starlight Academy for a more challenging atmosphere and got their via plane

    He was bread more or less as a weapon to kill immortals but he isn't sure if he wants to follow that path. He lost most of his memories of before he met the monk but even details of his life after that and to the present often elude him.

    He was out with a bunch of people he had met at Alurenx High when they ran across a group of low-level demons that were able to make themselves appear human to non-magic users, the demons attacked them. (there was only 2 but he always says it was a small army) The teens fought them and won (they were the best in their classes), but a few students were injured.

    Gavin found that they had been looters and then he and his closest friends in the group, Miku, Corra, and Cyrus, began sorting through the looting sacks, Gavin picked Clarent/Enclaudes out of one of the bags and it bonded with him. (literally, he always has an X shaped sheath tattoo where the duel sword sheath is even if the sheath isn't visible, it was burned into his flesh when he touched the sword, he can't take the sheath off but he can make it turn invisible or "disappear" <when it "disappears" he looses all feeling of it and people can't touch it but he can still sense it is there>)

    Gavin and his friends then took a picture of them standing on top of the defeated demons. (he always keeps it in his pockets)
    (and no, he didn't go looking for a demon, it was a complete accident in case any of you are wondering also this happened right after they graduated from middle school so they were still in the U.S. and 14yrs. old)

    Please take note: this character has more to him then I put here, i hope through role playing to bring out more of his past and future, THX!!!
  2. Kait

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    Nov 22, 2014
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