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Application Improvement Month 2018

Discussion in 'Contests' started by Polaris, Feb 28, 2018.

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  1. Polaris

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    May 30, 2014
    #1 Polaris, Feb 28, 2018
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 4, 2018
    Hello everybody! Every September, Starlight Academy celebrates character creation month, encouraging players to finally get out those character ideas they've been sitting on. Every March, we celebrate it's counterpart: Application Improvement Month, which emphasizes improving and updating your existing characters!
    What Kind of Contest is This?
    This is a non-traditional contest! For the month of March, players are encouraged to go back and improve the applications for already existing characters. The application template has changed many times over the years, and many applications have fallen out of date as a result. Players are encouraged to go back, update old applications to the new format, and polish up their writing so that their application matches the character as they are. All participants are eligible for the bullseye medal! [​IMG]
    How Do I Enter?

    First, go fix up your applications! You can find the most recent template here. In particular, make sure that all the fields at the top are there and filled out! You can use your own template if you'd like, but it needs to have all the same information.

    For powers: Please do not improve or edit your powers while adjusting the app. If you'd like to change wordings, fix things up, or otherwise make edits, please check the power upgrade process. Even if your change is very minor, please use the power upgrade process so we have a record.

    Once all of your applications have been updated, post here with links to all of them to get your reward! If a character requires no changes (IE: was recently accepted), simply mention that when you post.​

    What should I be looking out for?
    • Make sure your application title is just your characters name, and matches the name they most commonly use. If your character has gotten adopted, married, etc, make sure it reflects their current name! Remove any extra stuff like 'Application' or 'complete' from the title.​
    • If your character has a middle name in the application title that they don't go by, consider dropping it from the title.​
    • If your character goes mostly by their nickname, please update the application title to include it, and consider dropping their first name (which they might not use).
    • If your character is a student, double check they have a clear grade listed on their application. Be sure to post here to get the claims updated.
    • If your character is a college student, consider adding a major if they don't have one listed on the application. Be sure to post here to get the claims updated.​
    • If your character has a job, whether student or citizen, make sure it's reflected in the basic information fields! Students should feel free to add a new section. Be sure to post here to get the claims updated.
    • Make sure all the mandatory basic information fields are listed. For all characters, you need name, age, birthday, gender, species, and category. Students also need class, grade, and college major (if applicable). Staff need class and subject. Citizen's just need career.​
    • Double check to make sure your species field is filled out! Older applications likely will not have this part.​
    • Similarly, make sure you have a category field! Not all applications will have this. It should clearly state if your character is a student, civilian, supporting character, or member of the staff.​
    • If your character is non-human, make sure you have a species powers section. For power changes, remember to go through the power upgrade process, no matter how small! Humans don't require a species ability section. If your character only has species powers and no powers, they don't need a powers section.​
    • If your character has species powers that aren't listed - such as being able to respawn, be sure to go through the power upgrade process to get them listed!
    • Make sure everything is located in the right place! Personality traits shouldn't be hidden down in additional information, and powers shouldn't be placed in the appearance for example.​
    • If your character has gotten major development since arriving, consider updating their biography to include what's happened to them since they arrived on the island!
    Is there anything else cool going on?

    If you'd like to spruce up your profiles, we have free to use application templates, which you can use for your characters.
    What's this about a reward?

    Vouchers are the name of the game! Players who update their characters (or have them already up to date) will get a number of character vouchers, based on the number of applications they have to update.​
    • 1-5 Characters: +4 Vouchers​
    • 6-10 Characters: +7 Vouchers​
    • 11-15 Characters: +9 Vouchers​
    • 16+ Characters: +10 Vouchers​
    You can read more about power vouchers here. Vouchers will be granted at the end of the month.

    March Contest: Application Improvement Month
    Entries Close 23:59 PST on March 31st
  2. Romi


    Jun 18, 2015
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    #2 Romi, Mar 8, 2018
    Last edited: Mar 18, 2018 at 7:44 PM
    Going to update as I go:

    Angelo Genovese - Slight updates to appearance. Completely rewritten personality, to better reflect his current reputation rather than relying on his mafia history. Updated Biography past his promotion, to include adopting a dozen kids and all that. I've also put in for a power upgrade to clarify and fix up his powers. Power upgrade implemented.

    Naoko is being dropped, and will be dropped before March is over. They're just finishing up a thread.

    James Havoc - Slight personality rewrite. Update to biography to include scout training + scout profession.

    Valli Bryndisarson - Expanded appearance slightly to include mention of his aura. Also made a few small edits to personality, and updated biography.

    Jackal - ?

    Natalia Malivani - No changes to make, aside from updating to 'Supporting Character'

    Evan Sideralis - Slight clarity update to appearance. Added image reference.

    Memento Mori - Added image reference.

    Tobias Haynes - Added image reference.
  3. Lazzy

    Dilly! Dilly!

    Apr 21, 2015
  4. Foxy

    Manic Pixie Dream Tarantula

    Jan 30, 2016
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    Abigail Woodman - Employment and bio updated.

    Audric Rathian - Mild appearance update & mild personality update.

    Ceidwen Evans - Age update, corrected a few typos, mildly updated appearance, personality, mild bio update.

    Eroshay - Mild updating of appearance and personality. Some updated biography. Added spouse section. Fixed typos.

    Ethel Sharpe - Minor changes to personality and appearance.

    Iolite Drakenhardt - No changes needed.

    Jackson "Jax" Foster - Changed sexuality from 'undecided.' Fixed minor typos.

    Jarak - No updates needed.

    Kealani Morncer - Minor personality updates.

    Kylar/Kylah Defan - Minor overall updates

    Laemiri "Lae" Zaphir - Occupation update. Nothing else needed.

    Lorenzo Moretti - Bio update. Minor updates.

    Moira Drakenhardt - No updates needed.

    Ravina Evans - Very minor changes.

    Rhymien - No updates needed.

    Samara Arore - No updates needed. Power upgrade in the works.

    Tabitha Aradhel - Minor changes. Word choice and sentence structure.

    Terry Liddell - Typos and word choice.

    Vinanye Reed - Added child section with Iolite linked. Word choice and sentence structure. Bio upgrade.
  5. Kathinja

    The Lesbian Factory

    Mar 20, 2014
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    To be updated as I make App updates

    Yura Bengall: Added Where She Lives under Additional Info, which I plan to do for every character. Otherwise, does not need any updates until her in-progress power upgrades happen.

    Kiyoko Hanasaki: Very new. Does not need updates.

    Daichi Hanasaki: Very new. Does not need updates except for a mini-profile
  6. Boop

    Well-Known Member

    Nov 30, 2016
    she, etc.
    Thread Tracker:
    Posting Status:
    Eek - Updated appearance and age, completely rewrote personality, added little bit to bio from MC time
    Fatima Danvers - Moved Famine from name to species, updated appearance and personality, added a bit to bio.
    William Brown - species abilities rewrite (awaiting approval). completely rewrote personality. added MC stuff to bio and removed from additional info.
    Maria - Removed true name from title. Updated details, added category.
    Sean O'Cermait - Minor bio update.
    Gaza - Changed title from Seregaza to Gaza. Minor bio update.
    Gernet Gyth - No change.
    Ian Dupont - No change.
    Sam Dupont - Category fix.
    Tam Te'oma - No change.
    Rori Mirror - Age/Gender fix. typo fixes. Personality update. Minor bio update.
    Theodora Katsoufis - No change.
    Revel Nocquus - No change.
    River Alkmene-Sawatis - No change.
    Chausiku Dejen - No change.
    Lysander Hesperos - Fixed image, no other change.
    Penitence Cashel - No change.
    Caróg - No change.
    Lida Rose Quackenbush - No change.
    Khali Arore - No change.
    Shug - No change.
    Grey - No change.
    Euphoria Hiuchi - Minor bio update. Added family relationships.
    Sapere - Category fix. Minor typo correction.
    Delara Erebus - Category fix. Linked to daeva.
    Akempan - Detail and Category fix.
    Rita Drakenhardt - Changed title from Margarita to Rita. Category fix. Minor bio update.
    Ivo Beckert - Category fix. Minor bio update.
    Asusuke Hiuchi - Added family relationships.
    Sappho Hiuchi - No change.
    Ambri Dio - No change.
  7. Keen

    God dammit, I made this complicated

    Nov 23, 2016
    They (Preferred)/He
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  8. Saber

    Push through the Darkness, Find the Light

    Jul 3, 2016

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