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    If you are reading this, then you are a very special person. Unique, gifted, different; it does not matter how you wish to phrase it. As a result, I would like to congratulate you on your invitation to Starlight Academy. We are looking forward to meeting you.

    Starlight Academy is a laid back roleplaying community with a goal in mind: to have fun while roleplaying. We post at our own pace, we plot to our hearts desire, and you decide how your roleplaying experience will be.

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If you want to learn more about us, the Guidebook is a great place to start.


On this page you can learn a bit about those members who help to keep things running smoothly. Click on their avatar or username to access their profile page.

The Administrator helps keep Starlight Academy running smoothly behind the scenes. They manage all of the different staff teams as well as handles the coding on the backend of the site. They are involved in every decision regarding the site and help with the direction of the lore, events, contests, and community.

The Moderators manage the forums and the chat. They approve characters and make sure that all the rules are followed, and manage the day to day tasks of keeping the site up and running.

The Rangers keep an eye on the chat and make sure that all conversations are friendly, positive and fun. They're also there to help any members that may have any questions as well as make sure that the In Character Chat is appropriate and following the rules.

The Sysadmin works with the server part of the site, as well as handles our site software and works on creating new tools for us to use to help improve SA.

To contact any team member, click on Start a New Conversation and add them to the Participants field.

Mod Duties

  • Reviewing Profiles: Kyros, All
  • Advertising: Romi
  • Site Coding: Kyros, Romi
  • Site Organization: Foxy, Romi
  • Plots: Kadakism, Foxy
  • Contests: Romi
  • Lore: Kait, Kyros, Foxy
  • Player Relations & Dispute Resolutions: All
  • Moderation/Rules Enforcement: All

Linked = Head of that section

What that means is the person who will have the answers for you are the ones who are bolded! If you don't see a bolded name, that means Kyros is the person for you to talk to, but you can always come to Kyros for any of the above. If you have questions or help with something, it's best to go to the mods that are in the category you need assistance with.
Hi and feel free to call me Kyros! I've been on SA for TWELVE years now and it's been a blast. Twelve years ago I joined this board and had the most incredible experience on my very first roleplaying forum, and it's something I truly believe in and want to preserve. That's why, today, you'll find that things here have that old feeling of 'today sucked, but I'm excited to rp!'

I handle all the behind the scenes work of Starlight Academy. I also manage the community and make sure all the staff are doing their jobs, and make sure that you're all comfortable here! Usually I stick to the more technical side of taking care of SA and don't roleplay as much as others, but if you have any issues with either of those areas I am more than glad to help.

I am an agender weeaboo and love animanga along with video games. As a disabled NEET, I have lots of time to do things I love, like taking care of SA and drawing and collecting manga! I'm an active poly person, married to PepsiCo, and have a wonderufl boyfriend as well. PepsiCo and I live in the very hot Arizona, with our adorable cat Annie. My disability keeps me away from the board sometimes, but I always check my PMs every day if you want to get in touch!


Hey there, and welcome to SA! I'm Romi, the other admin of SA! I joined back in 2015, making me a comparative baby compared to Kyros, but SA's become a big part of my life since then. I'm availible mostly during daylight hours (PST), and tend to end up in bed by midnight. When I'm not on SA, I'm a big handheld gamer, splitting by time between the Switch, Vita, and 3DS. I'm also into both anime and manga, keeping up with seasonal anime and regularly reading new manga.

I normally have between five to ten active characters, and around twenty five active threads, but I try and leave myself always open for plotting. When RPing with me you can expect a post anywhere from once a day to once a week, and I rarely let thing sit longer then that. As part of the staff I'm head of both contests and advertising, so if you have a question about those, I should be your first stop! I also help with side coding, profiles, and organization. If you need to get in touch with me, my discord is on my profile, or I can be reached by PM (which will send a message to my phone).

Sup, nerds. I'm Kait, (sometimes aka "Kaitles") and I am one of your mods. In an official capacity, I am the SUPREME WIKI OVERLORD and I dispense dank lore on the wiki. If you want in on that action, shoot me a message. I also do stuff like reviewing profiles and laying down the law. It is whispered that uttering the phrase "yaoi butts" summons me - this rumor exists because of reasons.

IRL I'm a transwoman and a recent college graduate with a biology degree. I spend a lot of my time right now doing odd jobs or volunteer work and I have a lot of opinions about science and technology. If getting into a career based on my degree doesn't work out I might end up doing something in IT.


Hey there! I'm Kadakism, but you can just yell Kada to get my attention. I'm one of your friendly, neighborhood mods, specifically the Event mod. That means, on top of accepting character applications and enforcing the rules, I'm generally in charge of the events that come along every so often. Whether it's a feel good romantic cruise that sparks a few new relationships or a feel good romantic cruise that gets attacked by a kraken, you can bet I was pulling some strings in the background. All with the help of the team, of course. Couldn't pull any of this off without them.

Outside of SA, I'm kind of your general, all around geek. My big focus is tabletop roleplaying games, like Dungeons and Dragons. Hit me up if you ever want to talk about that sort of thing, especially if you're wanting to get into the hobby. I love bringing people in and helping them get started in trpgs.

I'm married to a lovely woman who keeps me in line and indulges my nerdy habits, of which there are a few. The biggest ones are tabletop RPGs and anime/manga, but I kind of like to learn about anything. So if you ever want someone to gush to about your favorite media, I'm your guy.


Hi everyone, I'm Foxy one of your Mods! I organize the site, help with events, and lore. I've been on Starlight Academy for a while now and fell in love with this space the moment I joined, so expect to see me around plenty. I'm very open to questions whether in the Cbox or PMs so don't hesitate to contact me if you need anything, whether it be personal or professional.

While I'm pretty lazy and can go through long periods of not posting or being very hyperfocused on one thing, I am always opening to plotting and threading with people. I do have a tendency to get distracted, but rest assured I never forget anyone or silently drop threads.

Beyond my time at Starlight Academy, I'm a young adult who lives in Arizona and enjoys writing, drawing, and gaming. I've roleplayed in MMO's since I was around thirteen-years-old or younger, marking Starlight Academy as my first real forum experience. I love people, and I'd like to get a chance to RP with all of you at least once!
Ahoy there! I'm Nameless, a fairly new addition to team. I monitor the chats alongside the other Rangers to make sure it stays friendly and welcoming to everyone, just as it was when I first joined the site and perhaps even before that. I'm from the Philippines as well, so you'll often find me lurking around while everyone else has tucked into their nice, warm beds. (Graveyard shift rules! (Ignore the fact that its around afternoon my time. Timezones ftw!))

I'm a gamer at heart. Started with the Famicom, then the PS1, and from there went to PC. The only handheld I have is the PSP, unless you count my phone. I did have a gameboy, but just didn't have the games for it. Now that I look back on it, I missed a lot of great games, didn't I? I like a lot of genres, I don't think I have one that I particularly dislike, but the ones I enjoy most are definitely RPG-, FPS-, and RTS-type games.

I think that's about all I should put on here, otherwise I'm going to need my own page. So anyway, if you ever need anything from me, want to RP or just want to have a chat, don't hesitate to contact me, alright? Alright!


Aloha! I am your pal, Ranger Pallas! As a ranger, it is my duty ensure a welcoming, safe, and friendly environment for everyone of all ages here at Starlight Academy! I would like to think that I have always had a lifelong passion for roleplaying but it was only during my high school years that I branched out to roleplay on an online setting. Currently I am just that groovy dude going to college to get both a geology and art multimedia degree in college here in California. We will see how that turns out but enough about me.

I had first came aboard to Starlight less than a year ago after drifting through several other online forums that didn’t quite stick with me. Upon first arriving, I always appreciated the large degree of freedom that the site allows with characters and the ease of navigating throughout the website. Most importantly is the large overall friendly bunch of people here at SA that I am happy to call my friends! Were it not for them and their welcoming nature I would probably not have stuck around as long as I have.

For how great SA has been for me, I would like to return the favor so don’t feel shy and let me be your friend too! I will be happy to answer questions to the best of my ability and I am more than happy to start threads with any fellow member regardless of their prior experience with RP. If you just like a friendly chat or discuss something a concern in private, feel free to talk to me in the chat or send me PM at any time and I will get to you as soon as I am able. Oh, and don't forget to say awesome my friend!


Hiya, it's Ballerina! I'm a newer ranger here, my job is to make sure the Cbox is a welcoming and fun atmosphere. I've played my fair share of MMO's as a kid, but have only started roleplaying on forums two years ago. I stumbled upon Starlight Academy a little less than a year ago, but it has become a second home for me. Feel free to hit me up in the Cbox or PMs if you have any questions, I'll be more than happy to help out!

Outside of this lovely site, I'm a high school student who's very passionate about writing and art. My dream is to do something along the lines of screenwriting as a career. I'm from the Sunshine State so I run three hours ahead of site time (EST), but I'm occasionally on at the odd hours of the night too. Besides art and writing, I like to cosplay, twirl baton, make videos and dance (hence the name), I love to chat about any kind of hobby, art, fandoms, and pretty much anything else.

I'm open to pretty much anything and always have room for more threads, I'd like to write with everyone and make some fun memories so hurl the plots, characters, ships my way


Heyo! I'm Keen, a PST Ranger here who's job is to make sure Cbox is an enjoyable place for everyone. If you ever need me, you can find see me in Cbox talking in Main Chat, roleplaying in ICC, or both. Cbox as a whole is practically my homes considering how active I am there. I am also open to private messaging on the site and Discord (which you can find on my profile page information tab). Starlight Academy has been my best roleplaying experience and I cannot see myself finding a better place to hone my writing skills. My posts on threads can be picky and random at times, but please do not hesitate to remind me if you would like to continue a thread. Sometimes I just forget to respond. With my memory lacking, I try to make that up by keeping myself organized. I enjoy slice-of-life roleplays that develop my characters and their relationships.

Other than Starlight Academy, my hobbies including writing, drawing, playing Overwatch, and playing FFXIV on Aether's Balmung server. If you want my BattleTag or the name to my main on FFXIV, just ask. My Overwatch skills will most likely disappoint you (I'm a dirty Bastion in most modes and Sombra and Mei on Mayhem), and MMORPGs are more fun to play together.


Hey y’all, Ashes here! I’m a Ranger onsite – and what that means is I get to keep the peace in chat and talk to all of you, which is, real talk, pretty awesome. I’ve been roleplaying for about 6 years now, but have only been on Starlight Academy for about a year. So, if you have any questions, don’t be afraid to shoot me a PM! I don’t bite. Well, not all the time. :3

Aside from this amazing site, I’m currently a high school student, aiming to become an author, and passionate about many things, such as Steven Universe, any musical you can throw at me probably, K-Pop… the list goes on, but then we’d be here all day. I follow EST time, so I’m three hours ahead of the site’s time – but I’m usually up fairly late, so I’m probably still lurking in the Cbox. Oh, and watch out for the puns – I make those often.

I absolutely ADORE plotting, so if you need any plots, hit me up and I’ll try my darnedest to plot with you!
Yes hello, PepsiCo here. I am Starlight Academy's Systems Administrator. I am the person responsible for making sure that the server and software stay in tip-top shape, and that the official game and voice chat servers are up to date and functional. My role on the site is purely technical, since I don't really moderate the forums or roleplay except for special occasions, and it's best if you refer any roleplaying rules questions to one of our fine community moderators. But you'll see me around in the CBox; don't be a stranger!

I'm a disabled veteran with degrees in Korean language and Computer Science, and I have a passion for foreign film, foreign cuisine, and especially foreign sodas -- hence the name. I went to bilingual school growing up and speak a little Spanish as well. I play a lot of League of Legends, Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and Rocket League, as well as Minecraft and Starbound on the official SA servers, and you can usually find me on the starlightacademy.net Teamspeak!
We would like to thank everyone who contributed to making this website. Starlight Academy was founded and created by Birdie. Sunset's design is based on old skin by Fidget (although completely coded by Kyros). The banner carousel comes from Ring Wang. Twilight, Sunset, Starlight, Daylight, Dusk and Nightlife were all coded by Kyros, based on the theme Xenith from Audentio. Our website also features original artwork from Kyros, Viidoll, Badriel, Adamkop, Jordangrimmer and other images that were found on Zerochan. If you are an artist who wishes to have their image taken down, please contact a staff member in the Help Desk.

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